Men disdain for menstruation?


Critical days for women - this is a real natural attack for hard floor attorneys. Beloved girl turns into a real shrew, and a comfortable and familiar apartment - in the battlefield. It seems that now she will eat her chosen one alive, having acted according to the thesis of the female mantis.

But is it only men who feel horror, whose companions are about to start the “red days of the calendar” or have the “guests from Krasnodar” arrived more closely? It turns out that not at all, and some figures have ripened to adapt the situation and even use it for their own benefit.

So, how do guys under 30 behave?

Sociologists were not too lazy to conduct relevant surveys, the results of which became extremely fascinating and even unpredictable:

  • 30% of respondents expressed irritation about the fact that menstruation does not allow them to enjoy communicating with their female heart. Exceptionally it does not please, if we are talking about the long-awaited joint weekend,
  • 25% of guys believe that menstruation is a wonderful reason to try or hone other types of sex, starting with oral and ending with tantric,
  • 20% of survey participants see their girlfriends as extraordinarily correct parties in the monthly snag. It is allowed to take time to communicate with friends or to change my wife with another woman, motivating her behavior by deteriorating temper of the 2nd half,
  • 15% of men perceive menstruation as a long-awaited and absolutely natural pause in intimate relationships, preparing a high-quality break from daily and repeated sex.

But the most fascinating is that 10% of guys, in general, are not perplexed by this issue, whereas men over 35 years show a completely different attitude to the skeptical days of their companions in life.

And what do the male figures, whose age has passed the mark of 35 years, think?

Here begins the most fascinating, mainly associated with age-related changes and established marital relations.

So, what we have:

  • 30% of respondents treat menstruation as a good reason to avoid unleavened marital sex and sexual responsibilities in the aggregate,
  • Only 20% of men take offense at nature, which prevented them from fulfilling their sexual fantasies scheduled for the weekend,
  • Another 20% of guys of this age consider menstruation a beautiful excuse to accuse a friend of worsening her character and behavior. As a result - gatherings with friends and random betrayals,
  • 15% of people who took part in the survey use skeptical days to explore new types of sex,
  • 10% of men experience panic before the approaching "red" days, anticipating the nervousness, scandalousness and sensitivity of their 2nd half. They are not only zealous to avoid sex in any form, but also communication in the aggregate.

Well, the remaining 5% and absolutely do not care about the fact that their lady will soon go to the store for the next pack of tampons or pads. They take it as a matter of course, a matter of course, which is given no more than a few days.

Opinion psychologists

The question of how men and boys relate to menstruations has long since ceased to be embarrassing and not subject to public discussion. The attitude of your life partner on such days is the original projection of his relationship to you as a whole.

And it is absolutely abnormal, if the chosen one shuns this topic, only when the relationship is closer is not friendly. In such a situation, it is allowed to say the following: one of you is not ready to discuss a snag, and if this is a man, it is still difficult for him to understand the naturalness and irreversibility of the process, which does not do him any credit.

If it’s impossible to build a dialogue, recommend a guy to look for information about female nature on the Internet, since it is now available to everyone. Basic knowledge in this area will fit him not only with you, but also in building future relationships with women, choosing a suitable contraceptive and more.

If a man shows a peaceful and typical attitude to the monthly, then it is legal to consider him sensitively mature and ready for a long and serious relationship.

He truly will not shy away from the delicate topic, will demonstrate a gentle and careful attitude in “these days”, will indulge in hormonal jumps and their manifestations. Such a man will truly know about your "golden" disposition and religiously and calmly wait for the end of menstruation.

Is there a place for sex?

This is also a rather delicate issue, to solve the one that will have both partners. Usually sex during menstruation attracts its prohibitive and impracticable ladies to get pregnant.

But that he was not only harmless, but also glorious, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Use a condom
  • Turn off the light
  • Have sex on the 2nd or 3rd day of menstruation, when their intensity and abundance decrease,
  • No need to douche.

And yet, an unimportant pain syndrome is removed by taking the usual pain reliever, eliminating spasm. Do not be afraid of these days, trust each other, devote a pause to communication, and then “these days” will fly by quickly and inconspicuously!

Novostrueva Irina Vladimirovna

Psychologist, Emotionally-shaped therapist. Specialist from the website

If they are 13 years old, well, or a Muslim man))

And what surprises you, I do not understand? In your opinion, the guy should stand on the type of flowing blood and mucus from the band?

my man kisses me there even these days, although he was cleaning himself .. as it seems

My ex with whom I had regular sex with no obligation for several years, licked me once during monthly periods. We were drunk and he loved it all. I have already been married for 5 years, and he still dries for me. Most likely it worked like a spell on. monthly

my man kisses me there even these days, although he was cleaning himself .. as it seems

On the lips? Why not? that is, when menstruation, kissing lips nasty?

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not bloody, he first wipes the blood with wet wipes and then kisses

Fuuu, as you do not respect your man, forcing him to lick the bloody bruise

not bloody, he first wipes the blood with wet wipes and then kisses [/ quo. beee

We with the former fucked these days even when it poured kakiz buckets in the shower

It depends that for a man, the emphasis here should be placed on the beautiful half, and women / girls should have enough intelligence and tact not to lay out pads, tampons, etc., especially used, in prominent places, try not to forget in the toilet , the spectacle is not an enviable one. And in general it is for women - privee !! Men also do not all demonstrate what is happening to them. This is a matter of culture of each person.
P.S. Author, improve your Russian language, re-read that in the title, what a miserable speech? You, at least, have finished school.

It depends that for a man, the emphasis here should be placed on the beautiful half, and women / girls should have enough intelligence and tact not to lay out pads, tampons, etc., especially used, in prominent places, try not to forget in the toilet , the spectacle is not enviable. And in general it is for women - privee !! Men also do not all demonstrate what is happening to them. This is a matter of culture of each person.
P.S. Author, improve your Russian language, re-read that in the title, what a miserable speech? You, at least, have finished school.

GuestIt depends that for a man, the emphasis here should be placed on the beautiful half, and women / girls should have enough mind and tact not to lay out pads, tampons, etc., especially used, in prominent places, try not to forget in the toilet , the spectacle is not enviable. And in general it is for women - privee !! Men also do not all demonstrate what is happening to them. This is a matter of culture of each person.
P.S. Author, improve your Russian language, re-read that in the title, what a miserable speech? You, at least, have finished school.
I live in Ukraine, we do not study Russian. And I'm still in school, what, your mother, claims to me? Do not like it, do not read.

men do not need sex and they do not disdain. only men who only meet a woman for the sake of sex can disdain. and they disdain everything. They meet with a woman only until she satisfies them. if there is another woman who satisfies them more and who provides them with their holes for entertainment, then the man throws the first woman. such men change a woman like a glove. and meet with anyone who has a pretty appearance and who gives holes for entertainment.

Men generally disdain female physiology, just this is not accepted to spread.
After all, a man also came to this world not from the foam of the sea!))))
There are "instances" among men who, even before marriage, do not know what it is. And when they find out, they are horrified to get divorced.))) And some of these women, during these days, are sent to the rug at the door to sleep, like some savages)))))).

Men generally disdain female physiology, just this is not accepted to spread.
After all, a man also came to this world not from the foam of the sea!))))
There are "instances" among men who, even before marriage, do not know what it is. And when they find out, they are horrified to get divorced.))) And some of these women, during these days, are sent to the rug at the door to sleep, like some savages)))))).

All are treated differently.

“Men generally disdain female physiology, it’s just not customary to talk about it.
After all, a man also came to this world not from the foam of the sea!))))
There are "instances" among men who, even before marriage, do not know what it is. And when they find out, they are horrified to get divorced.))) And some of these women, during these days, are sent to the rug at the door to sleep, like some savages)))))).

There are men who do not care, menstruation is not monthly, give them sex. However, it is impossible to have sex in menstruation, as the uterus opens and the possibility of bacteria and infections greatly increases.

Nothing that menstruation by itself stink unpleasant? Brrr. I like introduced.

do you have monthly stinks? I have opies smell of fresh blood, as I regularly change tampons :)

Of course, disdain, and every normal woman should be clean and hide all these things. I just say to my husband that today I can’t physiologically and that’s all, and I’ll never let him see anything, and I will not send you for gaskets, this is my own business. And all sorts of patients on the head scatter pads, whining, trend to their husbands and guys about it, it's so disgusting. Of course from such Durrr escape.

Damn, and in jopu they do not disdain to fuck, where poop and pinworm eggs .. fuck, animals ..

And what should excite it? Well, something nice is not enough.

And, by the way, they do not “disdain for menstruation,” but “disdain with menstruation.”

None did not disdain, everyone wanted to stick! Still would! Will not fly)))

Menstruations themselves have a peculiar smell, change tampons or pads at least 30 times a day. If you smell fresh blood (you had to smell like that), you may be bleeding, for dead blood cannot be fresh.

B | 07/03/2017, 12:43:19 [3428931674] Cheek b Men generally disdain female physiology, it's just not common to spread this. After all, a man also came to this world not from the foam of the sea!)))) There are "instances" among men who, even before marriage, do not know what it is. And when they find out, they are horrified to get divorced.))) And some of these women, during these days, are sent to the rug at the door to sleep, like some savages)))))). . tin .. Yes, tin. Female physiology is the main reason for disrespecting a woman by a man and dismissive attitude towards her. And the truth is: if I were personally a man, I would also not consider myself a being who is equal to myself. from pussy. Cocoa and pee, of course, and those and others, but these differences))). Brrrr!
Well, vobscheto man also does not look like smaller brothers, that is, animals and animals, we are all different, the member hangs over the peasants, we have no such fear, but a perfect perfect body, but the physiology is different, and they also have their own problems and deficiencies in infections can flow like a tap, so this is a problem with your perception of life. In normal people and the attitude is normal to the opposite sex, about the physiology. Against nature you will not trample.

GuestIt depends that for a man, the emphasis here should be placed on the beautiful half, and women / girls should have enough mind and tact not to lay out pads, tampons, etc., especially used, in prominent places, try not to forget in the toilet , the spectacle is not enviable. And in general it is for women - privee !! Men also do not all demonstrate what is happening to them. This is a matter of culture of each person.
P.S. Author, improve your Russian language, re-read that in the title, what a miserable speech? You, at least, have finished school.
I live in Ukraine, we do not study Russian. And I'm still in school, what, your mother, claims to me? Do not like it, do not read.

my man himself wanted to take out my tampon, I did not allow, he was offended, found out the reason for my sharp refusal (he said that means I do not consider him to be a close enough person for myself.

Fu ***. Ha fly. My husband and I just gasped these days, and then then banned

Yes, it is, we disdain. A gag reflex arises.

GuestIt depends that for a man, the emphasis here should be placed on the beautiful half, and women / girls should have enough mind and tact not to lay out pads, tampons, etc., especially used, in prominent places, try not to forget in the toilet , the spectacle is not enviable. And in general it is for women - privee !! Men also do not all demonstrate what is happening to them. This is a matter of culture of each person.
P.S. Author, improve your Russian language, re-read that in the title, what a miserable speech? You, at least, have finished school.
I live in Ukraine, we do not study Russian. And I'm still in school, what, your mother, claims to me? Do not like it, do not read.

It depends on the man. My former husband was generally afraid of this business and snorted. But some do not care at all on this matter. It's not the same for everybody

It depends on the man. My former husband was generally afraid of this business and snorted. But some do not care at all on this matter. It's not the same for everybody

The author, how to finish school and become an adult girl, then the men you will have adequate, but not boys :)
At the age of 16 I caught one such “boy”, telling that he would never kiss a girl who never did and himself would never do that
Hopefully, all the same, he experienced a miracle from an occupation he had previously hated😁

And what surprises you, I do not understand? In your opinion, the guy should stand on the type of flowing blood and mucus from the band?

And what surprises you, I do not understand? In your opinion, the guy should stand on the type of flowing blood and mucus from the band?

I have no idea why, but my man gets it. He says that he does not feel any disgust for this, and we are engaged in sex during the month constantly, albeit more accurately. He is my first, although he himself has extensive sexual experience, if you can call it that, haha, he never concealed that the very fact that I had gotten to him as a virgin excites him. That he is the first, like I'm all clean, how can he disdain me xD

Is it removed from the school curriculum?

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Mushroom Lyudmila Nikolaevna

Psychologist. Specialist from the website

Normally, he used to persuade me sometimes, but this is harmful, I rarely agreed. A recent years, he does not need sex at all and uninteresting.

even when he wants to endure. He does not have a great desire in the UTB time to climb, and in my opinion, all the more.

once tried, for the sake of interest. Yes, in general, sex is like sex, but only too much hassle and restrictions - so as not to slap everything around))
In general, I think you can suffer, for 3-4 days will not die from abstinence. More talk.

treat normally, the first one and a half days are not engaged, and then orally and vaginally. He is my doctor, apparently, therefore, not squeamish.although at first I was kompleksovala, but he reassured me, and of course, sex is not as active as in ordinary days with us. all the same, some sort of self-preservation is present. )))) and of course, only with a condom, these days everything is open for infections

My says that "never and for nothing!", But in fact applies. The only thing when their dignity in the blood accidentally sees, then everything falls temporarily.

Consequences of hypertensive crisis in men and women

Like any disease, hypertensive crisis has its consequences, which negatively affect the patient's health. With the appearance of the Civil Code it is very important to provide adequate assistance to the person. Due to this, the risk of complications is reduced several times. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. In most cases, hypertensive patients have to deal with the consequences of the crisis and spend a lot of time to eliminate them.

Consequences after a hypertensive crisis that has happened, as well as the disease itself, do not arise from scratch. Their appearance is provoked by the wrong behavior of a person and his neglect of his own health. Both external and internal factors cause this condition. A person is faced with an unpleasant diagnosis for the following reasons:

  • A large number of psychological stress that leads to stress,
  • Delay in the body of salt deposits and fluids
  • Disorders in the endocrine system,
  • The presence of bad habits
  • Chronic diseases, which are distinguished by seasonal exacerbations,
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Frequent changes in atmospheric pressure
  • Malfunctions of the kidneys.

    An unfavorable diagnosis can be made to a person who, for personal reasons, has decided to replace the medicine prescribed by him or change his dosage without consulting a specialist.

    Unauthorized refusal of drugs can provoke a hypertensive crisis.

    The effects of HA are not limited to standard health impairment. They may well be fatal in the presence of concomitant factors. Even if the patient is treated on time, it is not always possible to avoid serious complications. They are often reflected in the state of the brain and heart, as well as their performance. Such phenomena lead to new violations, which are detrimental to the quality of life of hypertensive patients.

    The manifestation of certain complications of hypertensive crisis depends on the severity of the disease itself and the current situation of the patient. Also, this process is influenced by the acute and chronic diseases of a person.

    Consequences of HA have a different form. Hypertensive patients are often concerned with such states:

  • Cerebral infarction. It is diagnosed in about 24% of patients. This is the most common pathology that is caused by a crisis,
  • Pulmonary edema. This complication occurs in 22% of patients
  • Cerebral edema. No less common deviation, which is observed in 17% of cases,
  • Left ventricular failure. This diagnosis is made by about 14% of patients who have experienced a hypertensive crisis,
  • Myocardial infarction. Less common, affecting 12% of patients
  • Eclampsia. This condition is rarely observed. It is diagnosed in 5% of patients.

    Cerebral infarction is diagnosed in every fourth patient.

    If the treatment of a hypertensive crisis was promptly started, the complications that have manifested themselves after the illness can be successfully stopped. They will not have time to cause irreparable harm to the body. In the future, a person will have to constantly monitor their blood pressure. Indeed, in the case of a repeated crisis, it will be much more difficult for him to cope with its consequences.

    Patients should be treated for hypertension to avoid a crisis. Otherwise, they will face adverse conditions that are very dangerous for their health and life. Women are at risk for these types of complications after a hypertensive crisis:

  • Brain swelling,
  • Heart failure,
  • Encephalopathy
  • Stroke,
  • Pulmonary edema,
  • Loss of sight and hearing

    All the diagnoses listed above are serious enough. But these are not the only consequences that may appear in a woman after a crisis. She also risks getting renal failure. Modern therapeutic methods do not always help to quickly eliminate the painful symptoms and normalize the patient's state of health. Therefore, many of them have to undergo long-term therapy in the hospital under the strict supervision of the attending physician.

    Men, like women, are highly susceptible to the consequences of a hypertensive crisis, which manifest themselves in the absence of adequate treatment. This condition causes a number of abnormalities in patients:

  • Cerebral hemorrhage,
  • Myocardial infarction,
  • Damage to the retina, which leads to loss of vision,
  • Cardiogenic shock,
  • Retinopathy,
  • Pathology of the heart and blood vessels,
  • Angina pectoris

    Brain hemorrhage causes paralysis and even death.

    To complete this list of consequences is fatal, to which the hypertensive crisis does not so rarely result. Also, in men who survived this condition, physicians more than once observed partial or complete paralysis. This violation occurs on the background of a stroke.

    A very dangerous hypertensive crisis with its complications is for women who are carrying a child. Hypertension is often diagnosed in pregnant women, as in their position there is a regular increase in blood pressure. This condition is considered a serious threat to the life of not only the future mother, but also for her unborn child.

    Hypertensive crisis in pregnant women is manifested in the following symptoms:

    Serious disturbances can be found in a child after birth. In babies whose mothers have experienced a hypertensive crisis, doctors diagnose:

    1. Hypoxia,
    2. Kidney failure,
    3. Vascular and heart diseases.

    If a woman has a tendency to develop hypertension, she should in every way avoid any factors that can provoke a crisis. Treatment of HA in pregnant women is very difficult, since most drugs are contraindicated for the relief of this disorder.

    Hypertensive crisis in pregnant women leads to serious consequences for the child.

    Hypertensive crisis is most affected by the elderly. This phenomenon is due to certain changes and characteristics of the organism. During the pathological process, patients suffer from pain in the chest, neck and temples. It is quite difficult for an elderly person to independently coordinate their actions and give themselves first aid. Therefore, it is undesirable to leave patients with such a diagnosis alone.

    The consequences of a hypertensive crisis in older people may manifest as the following deviations:

  • Atherosclerosis,
  • Heart attack
  • Cerebral hemorrhage,
  • Impaired kidney function
  • Ischemia,
  • Memory loss.

    Doctors hardly manage to arrest the effects of a painful condition, since the organism of patients in the older age group is too weak to adequately respond to therapeutic manipulations.

    Elderly people are contraindicated many methods of treatment of hypertensive crisis

    Rehabilitation and prevention

    Many patients who have personally experienced a hypertensive crisis begin to treat their own body more carefully. They are doing everything possible to prevent the recurrence of the pathological condition. To increase the chances of full recovery after illness men and women are helped by the rules of the rehabilitation period.

    In order to improve quickly, patients should first of all eliminate factors from their life that could trigger a relapse of the disease. Immediately, it is advisable to correct the daily diet and correctly plan time for work and rest.

    The patient’s well-being will significantly improve if during the recovery period he adheres to the following recommendations:

  • It is necessary to completely eliminate various loads and avoid sudden movements. It is advisable to spend the entire period of rehabilitation at rest. The patient should not experience emotional shocks, as they will again cause an excessive increase in blood pressure,
  • It should provide the patient a full sleep and rest. He needs to avoid evening overeating before going to bed. It is also worth refusing programs and films that affect the psyche,
  • Completely need to exclude alcoholic beverages. Even low-alcohol cocktails can cause hypertonic health irreparable harm. The same goes for tobacco products
  • It is necessary to make a competent menu, in which there is no place for salted, smoked, spicy and fatty dishes. It is best to eat vegetables, soups and cereals,
  • We must not forget about drinking mode. The doctor will select the optimal dose of water for the patient, which he should drink during the day,
  • During rehabilitation, it is necessary to take drugs with hypotensive effect. It is very important not to change the dosage of the medicine and not to miss a single dose in order to avoid pressure surges,
  • To help improve the health of various resorts on the coast. If possible, hypertensive patients should be selected for such a vacation at least once a year.
  • After a hypertensive crisis, you will have to radically reconsider your lifestyle.

    Improves the condition of the patient who survived the hypertensive crisis, therapeutic exercises. On days free from physical education, it is advisable to go on walks in the park.

    Hypertensive disease makes itself felt spontaneously. For this reason, its development is quite difficult to prevent. It is difficult to say whether a person is prone to such a pathology or not. It all depends on his lifestyle and behavior. Also the decisive factor is the presence of other diseases of internal organs and systems that cause an increase in blood pressure.

    Recovery prognosis

    Hypertensive crisis, like hypertension itself, appears suddenly. The slightest excitement can cause it to occur. If the CC still bothers the patient, he should prepare for a long treatment. Doctors speak of a favorable prognosis for recovery if the therapy aimed at eliminating the complications of the crisis has been correctly selected and started on time. Otherwise, the patient should not count on a positive outcome.

    It depends only on the person himself whether he can control hypertension or not. Neglect of their own health, refusal of medical treatment and physiotherapy procedures has serious consequences for the patient. Every day his condition will only worsen, until one day one of the organs that takes the blow after a hypertensive crisis, will not stand it and will cease to work forever. Then neither modern medicines, nor highly professional specialists will help a person. He must himself want to overcome the disease and begin to take the first steps on the road to recovery.

    Honored Cardiologist: “Surprisingly, most people are ready to take any medication for hypertension, coronary disease, arrhythmia and heart attack, without even thinking about side effects. Most of these tools have many contraindications and are addictive after several days of use. But there is a real alternative - a natural remedy that affects the very cause of high blood pressure. The main component of the drug is simple. "

    Attitudes towards treason in men and women

    Any psychologist knows that male adultery is different from female in that, unlike female adultery, in male adulterer there is often no treachery itself, or an act of “joining the opponent,” as well as a change in feelings or thoughts.

    There is a fundamental difference in the attitude towards “resort happiness” of men and women. The former tend not to take seriously anything that goes beyond the usual “house-wife-children-work” framework. Men have a rest, have a good time and allow themselves to play in Don Juan, only being on vacation. At this time, they want to be “young and insolent” again, to see if “there is still powder”, etc. etc. They play love and do not confuse this game with real life. What can not always be said about women who can not but take to heart the relationship in principle ...

    Do all women need loyalty?

    Psychologists have found out that the wiser a woman is, the more calmly she treats male campaigns “on the side” and no longer experiences such “psychological experiences”, such as, for example, a “green youngster”. That's what scientists say about it:

    BUT, here is my husband — some kind of unique hybrid — he never (I know for sure), will not change me — sleep with another, he will hold on to the foundations of the family and believes that we have excellent relations — full of e, trust — but he changes I'm psychologically like a woman!

    He is looking for someone to cause interest, attention, admiration, and there and delight and "intimacy-understanding"! and my jealousy for this does not understand, though, even as his thoughts and feelings with the new woman — he is so fascinated — he has a different facial expression. I know him.

    It was during this period (with a new spiritual friendship) that the attitude towards me changes in the direction of at least contempt, if not total coldness or hatred. that is, what is written here about women! for him cheating, always emotional! and always aside by psychological self-compensation!

    That is, with me "like a man," he feels like a hero. that "nothing is not small with him", that he is still very well done !! and therefore he does not throw himself anywhere on the side - to dirty and humiliate himself. but it changes me as a woman flirting and playing with words and situations, and telephone conversations and other rubbish.

    He has some kind of confusion in male and female roles. I began to notice this only in recent years.

    And what do men think, whose age has passed the mark of 35 years?

    Here begins the most interesting, mainly related to age-related changes and well-established marital relations.

    So, what we have:

    • 30% of respondents treat menstruation as an excellent reason to avoid unleavened marital sex and sexual duties in general,
    • Only 20% of men take offense at nature, which prevented them from fulfilling their sexual fantasies scheduled for the weekend,
    • Another 20% of guys of this age consider menstruation an excellent excuse to accuse a friend of worsening her character and behavior. As a result - gatherings with friends and random betrayals,
    • 15% of people who took part in the survey use critical days to explore new types of sex,
    • 10% of men experience panic fear of approaching “red” days, anticipating the nervousness, scandalousness and susceptibility of their second half. They not only try to avoid sex in any form, but also to communicate in general.

    Well, the remaining 5% doesn’t care at all that their lady will soon go to the store for the next pack of tampons or pads. They take it as a matter of course, a matter of course, which takes no more than a few days.

    29 posts

    Find out how men treat menstrual ailments.

    Critical days for women are a real disaster. And for a man in general so a tsunami. When my wife has "these", it seems that a real shrew settles in the house, ready to eat you alive. But, as sociologists have found out, not all men have a negative attitude towards female monthly. Many have adapted and over the years even learn to use this time to good use.
    How do men perceive men under 30

    - 30% of men are annoyed by the fact that women’s critical days make it difficult to enjoy each other, especially when they come on weekends or holiday trips,

    - 25% of men consider this to be just an excellent reason to practice some other kind of sex,

    - 20% of men think that this is a great excuse to refer to temporarily worsening the character of a woman, and communicate with friends at this time or change your soul mate with another woman,

    - 15% of men perceive menstruation as a pleasant opportunity to just take a break from sex, to make an intimate pause,

    - 10% of men think nothing about this at all.
    Men aged 35-40 years have a completely different attitude to menstruation in women.

    How do men perceive critical days after 30-35

    - as many as 30% of men perceive them as a pleasant opportunity to just take a break from sex and not fulfill the bored family sexual obligations,

    - only 20% of men are annoyed by the fact that their monthly periods prevent partners from enjoying each other on weekends and holidays,

    - 20% of men consider menstruation an excellent excuse to refer to the temporary deterioration of a woman’s character and run off to friends or another woman,

    - 15% of men consider "these" days only a reason for practicing other types of sex,

    - 10% of men are just in panic afraid of communicating with their wives at this time, and they don’t care about sex at all.

    - 5% of men have not formed any opinion on this issue.

    Attitude to love in men and women. Comparative analysis

    Department of General Psychology and Personality Psychology

    Attitude to love in men and women. Comparative analysis

    Chapter 1. Theoretical aspects of the study of love in psychology ... .... 5

    1.2 The problem of love in foreign and domestic psychology ... ..8

    2.1 Процедура и методы исследования……. 20

    Список использованной литературы. 24

    «Любовь»… Это понятие вызывает больше лирические, нежели научные ассоциации, а тема любви гораздо больше проработана в литературе и в искусстве, чем в науке. Romeo and Juliet, Anna Karenina, Silent Don, Red and Black - the list goes on and on. There is little that psychology can oppose to this, except that the “Art of Love” by E. Fromm, published in 1962. Perhaps it is art that is closer today to understanding the nature of love than science, including psychological. Last but not least, this is due to the extended interpretation of the concept of "love", which makes it a very difficult object to study.

    Despite the common sources of sociocultural origin (myths, books, mass media), there is no single, conventional concept of love. Developing an exact definition of this concept is undoubtedly of great importance. Today, the concept of "love" is most often synonymous with any kind of successful interpersonal relations. This ambiguity gives rise to the same vague, contradictory, and sometimes unrealistic expectations between partners. As a result, such expectations give rise to incorrect predictions and inadequate calculations in relationships, which is one of the significant causes of family crises, an increase in the level of loneliness, neuroticism, and the number of suicidal attempts.

    Of course, love is too big and too deep a concept to be fully understood, measured and described with the help of words. Prejudice, illusions and delusions are very characteristic when the subject of the nature of love is touched upon. This happens, in particular, because, due to its mysterious essence, a lot of misconceptions spread about love.

    The complexity and importance of love is due to the fact that it merges into a single whole, both physical and spiritual, individual and social, personal and universal, understandable and inexplicable. There is no such developed society, and there is no such person who would not be familiar with love. Love as the highest human feeling is this part of the life of all of us. And I think that everyone agrees with the statement of Van Gogh, who said: “I am a man, and a man with passions. I cannot live without love, otherwise I will sting and turn into a stone. ” So said the great artist of the love of a woman. Or, for example, the statement of G. Hegel: “The true essence of love is to give up the consciousness of oneself, to forget oneself in another“ I ”and, however, in this disappearance and oblivion to find oneself and to have oneself.” There are many sayings, but their meaning is one. And the problem of the relationship between the two sexes was one of the leading themes of the philosophy of various eras, each of which introduced its own conceptual innovations in its understanding and appreciation.

    “Love is the only satisfactory answer to the question about the problem of human existence,” said Fromm. However, what is love? Nobody has been able to give a fairly clear definition. And for each new generation entering life, the psychology of love is a secret sealed, a fortress that must be conquered by oneself, having passed the hard way of gaining and losing, winning and losing.

    And as it would seem, the feeling is one thing for all people, but men and women see love differently.

    The relevance of the topic is due to the growing interest in the issue of love as the key to understanding the deep foundations of human culture.

    The Object of study in this course work is the feeling of love.

    The subject of the research is a comparative analysis of the relationship to love in men and women.

    Objective: To carry out a comparative analysis of the relationship to love in men and women.

    To achieve the goal it was necessary to solve the following tasks:

    -the implementation of the theoretical analysis of literature

    -dated concept of "love" in the scientific literature

    -organization of empirical research on the characteristics of the relationship to love in men and women

    - description and interpretation of research results.

    1. Theoretical aspects of the study of love in psychology

    1.1 The concept of love. Key Features

    Love is not just an event, but a process that develops, improves and is based on the cultural imperatives and belief system of each individual. Quite often, a close relationship begins with “falling in love,” or hobbies. This kind of love implies a strong desire to get closer to another person and a desire to express one’s emotions and sexual sympathy. A passion can be a thrilling and joyful experience, however, this medal has a downside. Being in love can make a person suffer if the beloved cannot reciprocate the strong feelings of the lover. In addition, when people are in love, they tend to spend more time together, their social barriers gradually disappear in their relationships, and they react more sensitively to each other. Over time, the feeling of divided intimacy becomes deeper, and eventually sexual relations between people can arise. Often people want to keep their relationship. At this stage of the relationship, partners, as a rule, promise each other: "I will always love you," "I will never leave you" or "I will never hurt you."

    However, love ends sooner or later. Often, along with it, relationships end, because in our society there is an opinion that only love can be considered as real love. The initial stage of love can be replaced by a more stable and deep relationship - the stage of love. Partners make a conscious decision to stay together. They are ready to take mutual care and have enough trust towards each other in order to start building long-term relationships. The partners understand that their love is more significant than a passing passion, consider their relationship as a process of communication, discussion and compromise if necessary, and decide to overcome all the vicissitudes of this period together. Besides, loving another person means respecting and appreciating him regardless of individual differences and differences. As a result, partners can learn to perceive their differences as another source of pleasure, and not an annoying hindrance.

    Gradually develop the concept of love, based on the results of research. Some scientists believe that love is rather not an innate tendency, but a reaction resulting from socialization; others consider love to be one of the fundamental human emotions. A comparative analysis of ethnographic information showed that there is a noticeable similarity between the ideas of love, sex and intimacy in different cultures, while individual differences can have a much more significant influence on the formation of attitudes and behavior of a particular person that are fundamental to their relationship than the cultural environment. . In the future, these assumptions were confirmed by the results of studies of behavior genetics. If such human qualities as modesty seem to be determined partly genetically, then such a relationship could not be found between the style of love and the genetic factors. Apparently, the style of love depends more on life experience.

    In the framework of one of the most developed typologies of love, six psychological attitudes toward love are distinguished, which are denoted by Greek terms.

    Eros, or sensual love, is characterized by passion, loyalty and physical attraction (“My favorite (my favorite) and I are made for each other”).

    Ludus, or love as a game, implies a less responsible attitude towards a partner, since love is perceived as a game in which there can be as many partners as you like (“I like to play love with everyone”).

    Mania is a style of love characterized by obsession, passion and jealousy (“I’m terrified when a loved one (favorite) doesn’t pay attention to me”).

    Pragma is a very practical style of love, supporters of which choose a partner that meets certain criteria (“I want to choose such a loved one (favorite) with whom (which) we are guaranteed a happy life”).

    Agape, or sacrificial love, is an altruistic approach to love, in which the needs of a loved one are much more important to a lover than his own (“I'd rather suffer than to look at how a loved one (loved) suffers”).

    Storge is a style of love based on a strong and lasting friendship (“My favorite (my favorite) is my best friend”).

    In the course of further research using this model, we managed to find out that sensual and sacrificial love delivers in love relationships more satisfaction than the playful approach to love, which is also more often associated with short-term relationships. As was to be expected, mania cannot contribute to the formation of satisfactory relations, and a pragmatic approach ensures long-term relations. Setting the friendship with a loved one is not widespread among young people of college age who participated in the study. Perhaps this is due to the fact that such relationships are more likely to be characteristic of people of mature age.

    Love, intimacy and sex are the components of the puzzle that writers, poets, theologians and philosophers have been trying to solve for centuries. Until recently, it was thought that it was artists rather than scientists who were to explore love. There is evidence that the feeling of passionate love is familiar to all cultures.

    The results of worldwide studies of romantic love and sexual desire suggest that three global transformations have recently occurred in the perception of love relationships. There is growing confidence that different ethnic groups, as well as men and women, have equal rights. Due to this, the traditional system of double standards is gradually being destroyed, and social circumstances are no longer perceived as a hindrance in love. The pursuit of happiness is now considered a justified and worthy occupation, therefore the attitude towards passionate love and sexual desire has become more positive. This is due to the growing confidence that life can be changed for the better, thanks in large part to love and sex. Love and sex give the first impulse of intimate relationships between people. At the same time, love relationships are always unique, distinctive, and have their own identity, which is shaped by the influence of partners.

    According to the results of the research, the attractiveness of a man depends on the external signs of his maturity, good health and, above all, influence. Features of female attractiveness are mainly associated with youth and external signs of the presence of a sufficient amount of female sex hormones.

    Love challenges a lonely lifestyle designed for personal satisfaction, and breaks some habitual patterns of behavior that were part of a lonely life. Love and intimate relationships undoubtedly have a transformative potential; feelings unite two people who later have to overcome many obstacles that arise in the way of living together. We live in a dynamic and disconnected culture, and the principles of love and relationships in our changing era depend on fleeting fashion. In many ways, love seems to be the ideal that many people aspire to, often encountering various internal conflicts. When entering into relationships, people are no longer guided by “external” considerations and public opinion, but above all by their internal reactions and feelings that bind two individuals.

    From the moment of occurrence, close relationships create an entirely new framework of human experience. Whenever close relations arise between people, each of them steps onto an uncharted land, where inevitable discoveries await him — discoveries connected with his inner world and the dynamics of mutual relations.

    1.2 The problem of love in foreign and domestic psychology

    If in the domestic science the psychology of love, sex, gender relations has practically not been studied, then in the West these sections turned out to be more in demand by scientific psychology. Post-Soviet psychology is faced with the task of taking into account the achievements of foreign psychology in these areas without blind copying, verbatim quotation and unadapted use of the methods and conclusions of Western psychology. In line with this trend, the psychology of love vividly illustrates the need for synthesis, and not complete assimilation of Western psychology.

    The analysis of psychological theories of love by foreign authors is presented in the form of a table (No. 1), in which the provisions of each theory, the basic concepts used in it, the representatives of this theory, the definition of love are given (if it was proposed within a specific theory).

    Red spots in the groin - what diseases provoke?

    Have you noticed spots in your groin? Let's consider with you the reasons for their appearance, possible diseases, some methods of treatment. The main thing is not to panic and be examined by a doctor to establish a more accurate diagnosis.

    Most people, when detecting such signs, immediately suspect their soulmate in treason, but venereal diseases are not the main cause of irritation in the groin area. The reasons may be many, as the presence of sexually transmitted diseases, and others.

    Perhaps you just have irritation on a new purchased detergent, or irritation on the material from which the intimate underwear is made. Also, non-compliance with the rules of hygiene, or long wearing clothes.

    Why do spots appear

    The main reasons that cause red spots in the groin of women and men:

  • Non-observance of hygiene and a boundless attitude towards oneself and skin.
  • Skin diseases associated with malfunctions in the body.
  • Bacterial infections.
  • Fungal infections.

    Keep hygiene and care for yourself and your skin.

    Therefore, it is important to buy special products for intimate hygiene for washing intimate areas that do not irritate the delicate skin of the genitals. Clothing must be worn according to weather conditions, air permeable, otherwise diaper rash may appear.

    In this case, at the initial stage in the folds of the skin appear redness, itching, burning. If not treated, then cracks, erosion, infection may join, then there will be pustules. With the development of the third stage, an unpleasant odor and grayish-white scurf appear. Spots can also occur as a result of friction of internal folds during obesity or during falls, hard sex.

    Disruptions in the body are different, reduced immunity, metabolic disorders, poor functioning of some internal organ, changing genes.

    Slightly above, we have already touched on this topic. Different detergents or clothing can cause allergies, as well as condom latex, lubricants, or in women, male sperm can cause allergies. More serious is an allergic disease called atopic dermatitis. It occurs due to dust, engine oil and other substances harmful to humans.

    With all this, there may be red spots in the groin of both men and women, they itch and peel. If the allergen is due to food or dust, then often the spots are pink at first, red appear in other places on the body, then pass into the groin.

    Spots may be different in appearance, dry or moist. That is why it is recommended to go through a doctor faster to determine exactly what kind of disease is allergic, fungal or viral.

    In order to remove the allergic process, it is necessary to identify the allergen and remove it, but if you can’t remove it completely, then you need to improve the immunity. To identify the causes of the allergen, the doctor prescribes an additional laboratory examination. Allergy itself does not occur, you need to look for the cause and get rid of it. A common and common cause of allergies is gastrointestinal or gallbladder disease.

    The causative agent of this ailment is a microorganism that lives on the tissue of almost every person, a fungus of the genus Malasseziya. If the sebaceous glands begin to release fatty acids vigorously, then microorganisms begin to multiply in larger quantities. For this reason, there is inflammation in the form of a rash, redness, itching, burning.

    Seborrhea is often accompanied by infections, so treatment is prescribed to everyone different. Apply drugs that restore the microflora of the skin, normalize metabolism and eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

    "Psoriasis is a disease of kings." The causative agent of this disease has not yet been identified, there are more than 100 species of species. Psoriasis is not transmitted by any household or sexual intercourse. Possible causes in the genes and impaired immune system.

    It is transmitted hereditarily through a generation. Heal is not cured, but temporarily silenced. Usually, before appearing in the groin, appear initially in other places. Manifested by reddish plaques, cracks may appear in the groin area.

    Red lichen planus

    Красные пятна в паху у мужчин 2 до 20 миллиметров, сопровождающиеся водянистыми пузырьками, возможно красный плоский лишай. Такие пятна в паху у мужчин возникают чаще, чем у женского пола.

    Это хворь, связанная с нарушением нервной системы, также может быть аллергического происхождения и из-за скопления потовых выделений.

    Bacterial infections

    “One of the most amazing phenomena of the last decade: the best you can go on a date with are neither flowers, nor a box of chocolates and a pearl necklace, but a certificate from a doctor.” Linda Sunshine.

    If the red or dark spots in the groin with a brick shade, then it manifests itself erasmus. The causative agent of Corynebacterium minutissimum. In the beginning there is a spot or several one by one, then they grow and merge.

    It is transmitted through towels, bed linen and multiple other household methods. It is also transmitted through intercourse upon contact.

    Fungal infections bring a lot of trouble to both sexes. In addition to red spots, the multiplication of fungi provokes itching, burning, pain during urination and sexual contact.

    Provoked by the fungus Candida. This disease only affects women, but it can be transmitted to another woman through a man during intercourse. In rare cases, through household accessories, washcloth, towel.

    In women with candidiasis, usually white discharge, inflammation of the skin in the form of spots, papules, erosion, vesicles.

    Sweat, and there are red spots no more than a centimeter in size, and the edges are covered with small bubbles? It may be rubromycosis. After a while, the skin of the stain changes, the skin becomes clear, and rings are seen at the edge.

    Red spots appeared in the groin and itchy. You may have encountered a dermatophyte. It is provoked from the fusion of the fungi Epidermophyton or Trichophyton rubrum.

    In men, intimate space, areas on the stomach, thighs, and feet are affected. In women, the symptoms are different, inflammation occurs not only in an intimate place, but also between the buttocks, extends to the hips (up to the knees), to the stomach, then to the chest.

    In medicine, for the determination of the exact diagnosis, blood is taken from the finger, blood from a vein, scraped from the affected area.

    Diaper rash is treated with a variety of liquids, creams, ointments. First, it is treated with an antiseptic preparation, then drying ointments, healing and anti-inflammatory or complex, which have all these properties. That is, apply zinc ointment, Boro plus, Zhivitsa and many others. In the advanced stages, when an infection joins, one has to use a more serious treatment. This will be discussed further in the article.

    For the treatment of allergies apply ointment Advantan, Sinaflan, Gistan, Elokom and others. In severe cases, prescribe pills, such as Suprastin, Loratadin, Erius, vitamin complexes and immunomodulators.

    For the treatment of diseases such as seborrhea, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, vitamin complexes are prescribed, vitamins may differ in their composition. Often prescribed "vitrum", "komplivit", they are designed taking into account the complex of minerals and vitamins needed to improve hair, skin and nails. Also prescribed tablets, capsules, syrups to improve immunity "Imupred", "Imunoris", "Echinacea."

    And of course, ointments, ointments are very much for treatment, see more carefully, do not go on hormonal ointments, such as “Belosalik”, “Dermosalik”, these ointments are addictive, destroy bones, prescribe in extreme condition, although temporarily helping to relieve inflammation. That is why, before you try something, you need to go to an appointment with a doctor and coordinate with him.

    With regard to infectious diseases, the treatment in the form of vitamins, ointments, immunomodulators, is used long-term use of antibiotics, various kinds of suppositories.

    That's what drugs to use, it all depends on what, what kind of robe bacteria or fungi caused by inflammation. In no case can not use medications without a doctor's prescription, without knowing the diagnosis, as many drugs that treat one inflammation, can strengthen the other.

    Having considered the causes and some diseases, you understand that in appearance it is very difficult to distinguish one from the other. Therefore, to establish an accurate diagnosis, you must visit a doctor.

    Gout in men and women: signs of illness and treatment

    Among the pathologies affecting the joints, a special place is occupied by gout. Changes in the patient's body occur long before the first obvious symptoms appear, and risk factors can accelerate the course of destructive processes. The symptoms of the disease in men and women are similar, and the treatment of gout is complex, costly and long-lasting.

    Gouty arthritis (also known as gout) is a disease of the joints caused by improper metabolism, resulting in an excess of uric acid in the body. The abnormal concentration of this organic compound is due to its high synthesis or due to insufficient output.

    At the initial stage, such a violation of health can be corrected by diet and lifestyle revision. As gout develops, it increasingly affects the body, “overgrowing” with new signs that make its manifestations look like other health disorders. This complicates the diagnosis and leads to irreversible changes in the joints.

    Gouty arthritis is attributed to age-related pathologies. It is detected, most often, in old age. Children and young people suffer from this disease very rarely.

    It is believed that the appearance of signs of gout is an indicator of insufficient physical activity, restraint in food, alcohol abuse. That is why in our time it is called the "disease of abundance." In the past, gout was called the "disease of kings" or "disease of aristocrats", which contained a hint of idle life and promiscuity of high-ranking persons.

    Gouty arthritis is formed due to the accumulation of uric acid salts in the soft tissues in the joints, which is the cause of their inflammation. This occurs under the influence of factors such as:

  • impaired renal excretory function,
  • the prevalence in the diet of foods with a high content of purines, the result of the collapse of which is uric acid. Its excess leads to the fact that urates (salts of uric acid) are collected in the articular tissues, causing their inflammation.

    The risk of gout is greatly increased when, in addition to the above, there are:

  • genetic predisposition to conditions associated with improper metabolism,
  • passion for alcoholic beverages,
  • cigarette smoking
  • lack of water in the body,
  • endocrine disorders (for example, diabetes mellitus and hyperthyroidism),
  • physiological fluctuations in hormonal levels (as in menopause in women),
  • allergic problems
  • blood diseases
  • chronic kidney failure,
  • prolonged use of certain medications (for example, diuretics),
  • sedentary lifestyle,
  • history of hypertension,
  • the habit of wearing tight shoes.

    As you can see, the list of conditions that can trigger the development of gout, volume and diverse. This is an occasion to think about the fact that the risk group includes almost the entire adult population.

    Factors contributing to the development of gout

    Next, we will discuss the features of gender predisposition to this pathology.

    Men are most susceptible to gout. Having barely crossed the threshold of the 40th anniversary, suddenly some of them discover its acute, very painful symptoms.

    This is partly due to the physiological susceptibility to uric acid hypersynthesis, which is facilitated by the high content of androgens in the blood (male sex hormones).

    In addition, it is generally accepted that men traditionally prefer dishes from red meat (beef, pork and lamb), as well as by-products, which are distinguished by a high content of purines - guanine, xanthine and hypoxanthine, giving a large amount of uric acid.

    The female half of humanity runs the risk of "getting" gout after 50 years, in the period of extinction of reproductive functions. This is due to hormonal changes in the body and a significant decrease in the synthesis of estrogen - female sex hormones. Their presence in the body affects all processes, including exchange.

    The hyposynthesis of estrogens and their lack in the female body leads to a significant slowdown in metabolism. This manifests itself, including insufficient uric acid withdrawal. As a result, it accumulates in the blood, forming numerous crystals of urats, which are deposited in the subcutaneous tissue above the joints, causing their inflammation in women.

    Symptoms and signs of gout (photo) at various stages

    Gout does not develop immediately. It takes several years from the beginning of the changes to the pronounced destruction of the joints. Conventionally, the entire period can be divided into 3 stages:

    Uric acid levels are rising, but so far asymptomatic. Sometimes the joints on the fingers ache. This happens more often at night and does not cause much concern. Over time, the symptoms increase.

    The big toe turns red, swollen and reacts with pain to a simple touch. There is a local, and then a general increase in body temperature. Such phenomena rarely occur and can pass by themselves. Therefore, people are not in a hurry to see a doctor, but in vain.

    Exacerbations become more frequent and longer. Pathology extends to other joints, often small. However, the pain may appear in the ankle, as well as the knee, wrist, elbow joints. The state of health suffers, the general tone decreases.

    The formation of individual tophi begins - soft seals over diseased joints. In severe cases, this is accompanied by the formation of fistulous channels through which contents with uric acid salts are released.

    At this stage, the affected joints hurt all the time, which is associated with progressive salt deposition. Because of this, they are deformed, and the person becomes restricted in movement. Exacerbations of gout occur more and more, causing great suffering.

    On the limbs numerous tophi are formed. They even occur in the ears. Pathology develops on the background of kidney problems: an excess of uric acid leads to the formation of stones (urates) and causes severe inflammation. The condition progresses, actually leading men and women to disabilities.

    Each stage is characterized by increased symptoms and deterioration of health. Early access to a doctor will reduce the risk of developing severe complications and will help to alleviate the course of the disease.

    If there are signs of gout, consult a rheumatologist.

    Diagnosis of pathology is based on:

  • medical examination
  • collection of anamnesis
  • results of clinical studies.

    To recognize gouty arthritis, are prescribed:

    • biochemical blood test - to determine the level of uric acid (it is the maximum in the periods between exacerbations),
    • X-ray examination of diseased joints. It should be said that this type of diagnosis is informative only at a late stage of the disease, when tophi are formed inside the joints,
    • analysis of synovial joint fluid. It is used infrequently, but it is this study that makes it possible to accurately determine the etiology of articular lesions. Moreover, such types of diagnostics as tomography and ultrasound scanning at the initial stage of the disease do not reveal signs of gout.

    High-quality diagnostics can determine the cause of the disease and prescribe an adequate treatment for gout.

    Gout Treatment Method

    Gout treatment is carried out comprehensively. It includes:

    Elimination of pain. For this purpose, nonsteroidal anesthetic drugs such as Nimesulide, Diclofenac, Movalis are used. When the effect cannot be achieved, the tropolone alkaloid Colchicine is used. In severe cases, the pain of gout is relieved by injecting glucocorticoid drugs inside the joint.

    It is important to understand that the maximum therapeutic effect is possible only when all activities in the complex therapy will be observed with precision, and the treatment itself will last as long as the doctor determined.

    Prevention of exacerbations of the disease

    The main preventive factor that reduces the risk of gout is a healthy lifestyle:

  • feasible physical activity
  • proper nutrition
  • rejection of bad habits.

    In addition, it is very important to pay attention to your health and treat pathologies that contribute to the development of joint disease.

    As for reducing the frequency of exacerbations, you just need to follow the doctor’s instructions:

  • take medication properly and regularly,
  • follow a therapeutic diet,
  • attend physiotherapy,
  • Do not abandon the intermediate diagnosis.

    This will significantly increase the periods of remission, reduce the severity of symptoms during exacerbations, and preserve the quality of life.

    Variants of how men treat menstruation, and ways to solve a dilemma

    Menstruation is a completely natural and normal phenomenon that speaks of women's health. When girls have a serious relationship, they begin to worry about how men relate to menstruation. Naturally, they are aware of such a phenomenon, because thanks to advertising and an accessible Internet, all secret things have long become clear. Is it worth talking to a man about menstruation? How do they relate to this phenomenon? Is it possible to have sex on critical days?

    Is virginity important?

    On the pages of our VKontakte group, a survey was conducted on whether the virginity of a woman is important to men. It is interesting that with such a formulation of the question the importance of virginity faded into the background. Considering relationships that may not necessarily end in marriage, men do not see virginity as something necessary. So, 57% of respondents said that it does not matter to them how many partners a woman had before him. While 33% called the question of virginity fundamental. At the same time, 10% wanted to have a woman with sexual experience.

    At the same time, as follows from the comments of the voters, the majority of those who answered that virginity is not important consider short-lived relationships. Respondents who answered that it was important for them that the girl, on the contrary, was not a virgin, substantiated her answer with the belief that the girl would not want to confine herself to one partner.

    For the option that devstvennost important, tended for the most part men seeking long relationships that could end in marriage.

    Thus, the answer to the question of girls, whether virginity is important, cannot be unequivocally given. If you yourself are looking for long-lasting relationships, then, most likely, your virginity will help you attract a man. As one of the survey participants said, such a man will hold on to you with all his arms and legs. If you just want to enter adult life, and think about serious relationships later, then the question of virginity is not at all fundamental.

    What is the use of virginity?

    Interestingly, in the discussion of the topics, girls, and not men, were much more active. And this is understandable. Psychologically, the question of her own virginity for a girl is extremely acute. And girls who have already entered into an intimate life and who do not have stable relationships feel the experience from the category: “Did I do everything right?”. In the discussion of these topics, many were looking for an opportunity to assert themselves and make sure that everything is in order and there is no cause for concern. Is it true?

    To understand this, a second survey was conducted in which men were asked to voice their feelings, whether their feelings for virgin girls would be stronger than for women with sexual experience. And here 47% chose the answer “Yes”, 38% were in favor of “No”, and the remaining 15% could not give an answer.

    Thus, virgin girls can in most cases rely on deeper feelings from a man than their girlfriends who have previously had sexual intercourse. It is fair to assume that such a deeper relationship is more likely to be stable and lead to a happy marriage. This conclusion echoes the previous survey.

    So, as a result, we got the following conclusions. To enter into a short relationship for men, the question of virginity is definitely not important. In other matters, he is not hard on principle in matters of marriage. However, polls showed most men treat virgins with respect and have the strongest feelings for them. Therefore, virgin girls have more chances for a stable relationship and a happy marriage.

    Opinion strong half

    According to social surveys, the opinions of men divided according to age. Up to 35 years, most of them (about 30%) do not like this period, because it prevents them from enjoying sex with their beloved. Especially negatively they spoke about the critical days that they found the girls on joint trips or on weekends.

    As for the more mature men, they rather rejoiced at the opportunity to take a break from the burden of doing marital duty and calmly enjoy socializing with friends. However, there are those (about 20%) who prefer to use this time for a change in bed. Young people also quite like this option. However, among them there were only 15% who use this time to rest from sex.

    It is believed that as men relate to menstruation in women, so they relate to the beautiful half. As psychologists have proven, it is fundamentally wrong. The fact is that not all men are sexually relaxed and can speak calmly on this topic. Воспитанные несколько в пуританских семьях, они либо вовсе не думают о месячных, либо уходят от этой темы, временно отстраняясь от девушек. Не нужно принимать это на свой счет! В силу личной брезгливости или слишком бурной фантазии они могут просто преувеличивать весь процесс.

    В целом, даже далеко не все девушки спокойно воспринимают менструацию. Им кажется, что от них плохо пахнет, поэтому регулярно бегают в душ. Also often change a few pads a day to avoid "embarrassment". What can we say about men for whom this topic has been taboo for many years. Also, some of them consciously use menstruation as a reason to avoid sex.

    If a couple does not have disagreements on this basis, then there is nothing to think about. Problems can arise only in the case when one of the sexual partners is too active sexually, and the second does not like experiments in bed.

    Options for how not to become a shrew and not to frighten a man

    Yes, men are impressionable no less than women. In order to have as few problems as possible in a pair, there are a few key tips:

    • No need to show their monthly. For example, many men are thrown into the heat from the sight of a bloody pads or tampon. And in general, such an intimate object does not look beautiful. It is better to additionally wrap the hygiene product in toilet paper and throw it away.
    • If a man is even afraid to hear about the "monthly", you can think of funny namesas it used to be at school. For example, “red calendar days”, “monsters have arrived”, etc. So it will be easier for them to respond to the situation without unnecessary moral discomfort.
    • For the most notorious suited to sleep in separate rooms. It is worth noting that if a girl is tormented by severe pain, she doesn’t sleep well at night, is afraid of “leaks”, then she will also like this option. Do not make this a tragedy. Some couples even specifically practice separation sleep. So they rest quietly, without suffering from snoring or a strapped blanket, and they also say that this is what helps them maintain a passionate relationship.
    • It is necessary to minimize the level of manifestation of premenstrual syndrome. After all, even it depends on how the guys relate to the monthly for the girl. For example, you can drink a light sedative, add tea with mint to your diet, walk more in the open air and take a douche, not forgetting about a full sleep and rest. But from strong tea, spirits and coffee it is better to refuse 2 - 3 days before the critical days.
    • You can practice new types of sex. For example, oral, anal (although all this is highly undesirable because of the possible consequences). Ideal - just caress each other. After all, the "discharge" can be obtained without penetrating the vagina.

    See the video about premenstrual syndrome:

    How to have sex during menstruation

    Even if one does not even want to hear about it, others consider the situation quite acceptable.

    If you follow certain rules, the process will be as comfortable as possible for partners. What should be done:

    • Stock up on towels. Since during excitation vaginal discharge becomes more abundant, it is possible to soil the entire bed. To avoid this, it is necessary to spread a few towels or an old blanket under the ass, and leave one or two in order to dry off at the end of the process.
    • Make love under the covers. This will hide the unpleasant odors characteristic of "these" days, as well as hide from the eyes of men is not quite a beautiful picture.
    • Missionary pose - the best option. To discharge as little as possible, the girl better lie on his back. It is also worth to be careful partner, move calmly and not too deep, so as not to injure the cervix.
    • The purest sex - in the shower! It is there that all the secretions will remain virtually invisible under warm streams of water. Yes, and the consequences will be easier to get rid of, just washing the dirty places.
    • Oral caress - no. Do not at this moment to caress the girl with your fingers or, especially, languages ​​(if there is no tampon). It is better to leave these caresses for later.
    • Choose "calm" days. It would not want to make love as soon as possible, yet it is better to prefer a period when the selection is not so abundant. This is usually the second to fifth days from the onset of menstruation. Let a little languor only add sensations.
    • Without contraception anywhere. These days she is simply necessary both to protect the girl and her partner. Do not neglect her.

    We recommend to read an article about sex before menstruation. From it you will learn about the need for a calendar, safe days for making love, the probability of conception and the causes of discomfort during sex before menstruation.

    Menstruation is not a disease or something terrible. This is just a natural process, thanks to which the couple can later become happy parents.

    If it is difficult to live 5-7 days without an intimate life, you can make love, but do not forget to be protected. Only frank heart-to-heart talk will help put all the dots on “i” in each separate pair.