Causes of pain in the nipples before menstruation, discharge and possible pathology of the breast


Can nipples ache before menstruation? Most women, asking this question to the doctor, want to make sure that the pain syndrome in the mammary glands is a temporary phenomenon and not associated with pathology, provoked by hormonal changes in the body during menstruation. Indeed, discomfort in the chest in an advantageous number of cases should not cause concern, since they are not considered a deviation.

Chest pains: norm or pathology?

Being one of the premenstrual syndromes, painful nipples before menstruation cause discomfort to almost every second member of the weaker sex. Often, this symptom occurs simultaneously with other manifestations of PMS - edema, dizziness, acne lesions on the body, mood swings and a number of other signs.

According to statistics, the nipples before menstruation hurt women very often. If the menstruation is late, but the woman experiences painful sensations in the mammary glands, the first thing the gynecologist has to be convinced of is the absence of pregnancy. Therefore, for girls who experience similar symptoms, they first need to have a pregnancy test.

Or do nipples ache before menstruation for a long time? It is possible that there is a pathology of the mammary glands. Anyway, if the chest and nipples hurt before the menstrual period, and with the onset of menstruation, the syndrome does not disappear, you need to consult with your doctor.

Why it happens

Can nipples ache before menstruation? There are several main reasons for this phenomenon:

  • increased production of female hormones on the eve of critical days,
  • the emergence and development of pathological processes in the mammary gland,
  • disruptions in the endocrine system.

If the gynecologist suspects the presence of a breast disease, he will refer the patient to the mammologist. Based on the results of the examination, the doctor will be able to make an accurate diagnosis and determine the cause, the removal of which guarantees the success of the treatment.

Hormonal changes

Estrogen and progesterone are hormones that predominate in the female body. Their number at different periods of the menstrual cycle may differ markedly. For example, estrogen reaches the highest concentration in the body shortly before ovulation.

Changes in the level of hormones can significantly affect the state of the mammary glands. Many women breast poured, becomes elastic, slightly increases in size. If the breasts swell and sore nipples regularly before the menstruation, most likely there is nothing to worry about. The change in color of the areola, which occurs as a result of an increase in hormone production, is also considered normal.

Can nipples ache before menstruation? Of course, because the production of female hormones in the body entails the stimulation of the growth of adipose tissue, which is the main material in the structure of the mammary gland. Chest swells, increases, and therefore there is pain. The severity of the syndrome depends on the woman's age, physiological characteristics and lifestyle.

Breast diseases

If the relationship between menstrual flow and discomfort in the nipples is not observed, you need to look for the cause in another. Among the diseases of the mammary glands, mastopathy is the most common - it is a benign growth of tissues, accompanied by pain. Mastopathy is also characterized by discharge from the nipples. In contrast to the natural swelling of the breast before menstruation, with mastopathy, there is a prolonged swelling and more pronounced mastodynia (as doctors call pain in the mammary glands).

Other causes of nipple pain may be associated with tissue inflammation, malfunction of the endocrine and urogenital systems, but the most dangerous is an oncological disease. Regardless of age, if the nipples hurt before the menstruation at 42, 32, or 22, you should not delay the visit to the antenatal clinic.

External stimuli

Female breasts are oversensitive. The skin covering the mammary glands consists of many nerve plexuses, so individually the breast can react to certain factors. Severely sore nipples before menstruation will not, if the cause of pain is not any pathology. But still increasing breast sensitivity before menstruation can cause a lot of discomfort to a woman because of:

  • uncomfortable or low-quality bra,
  • excessive sweating and lack of hygiene,
  • prolonged exposure to the sun or under the influence of ultraviolet rays
  • climate change
  • sudden weight changes
  • stress,
  • long-term medication (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, hormonal, etc.),
  • use of allergenic household chemicals, cosmetics.

In some cases, the problem can be solved by eliminating the effect of the factor or the use of special moisturizing agents.

Nipple pain before menstruation

In some women, the onset of menstruation passes unnoticed and completely painless, while other women may experience real suffering before menstruation. Interestingly, to date, no criteria have been established that would determine whether this phenomenon is the norm or pathology, depending on when the syndrome arose, how many days before menstruation. Can the nipples get sick before menstruation, one week before their onset, then a couple of days with the same woman? Yes, it really happens, but the most important indicator that would indicate pathology is the continuation of pain during menstruation, and sometimes after it. Normally, discomfort disappears in the first days of female discharge.

If menstruation has not come, but the chest hurts, it is better to take a pregnancy test. With a negative result, you will have to pass a blood screening for the level of hCG. If his result turns out to be negative, it is necessary to consult a doctor to determine further tactics of the examination.

Breast changes during pregnancy

Test showed two strips? So, we are talking about changes in the mammary glands that occur in expectant mothers. From the moment of conception, the woman's body begins active preparation for the bearing of the fetus, childbirth and lactation, so the breast significantly increases in size, swells, and the areola around the nipple becomes darker.

Changes in the mammary gland are also caused by hormonal changes and are directly related to an increase in the production of prolactin - a substance that provides lactation processes. Under the influence of this hormone gland tissue grows much faster than nerve endings, sensitivity increases. In pregnant women, even a light touch on the nipples can cause unpleasant and painful sensations. In addition to chest pains that pass to the second trimester, the expectant mother can observe a yellowish oily discharge from the nipples. It is not worth experiencing - it is formed by colostrum, which will be the first food of a crumbs born

After menstruation

Patients with unpleasant sensations in the breasts and nipples appear after the critical days should also be consulted. Normally, on the 5–7th day of the cycle, tenderness in the mammary glands should be absent. Their appearance may be caused by endocrine disorders in the body, due to which increased production of estrogen, or the development of a tumor. If the nipples are very sore before menstruation, and after the critical days the symptom persists or increases, it is important to undergo a diagnosis in order to rule out or confirm a malignant tumor. Also a rather dangerous disease is the fibrocystic form of mastopathy.

Why did nipples stop sick before menstruation

Many gynecologists believe that the absence of a symptom of PMS indicates a hormonal failure in the body. If the breasts do not undergo any changes before menstruation, it is likely that the woman's body has decreased estrogen production. The reason for the imbalance of female hormones can be:

  • irregular sex life
  • taking the wrong oral contraceptives that suppress estrogen production,
  • unhealthy lifestyle (frequent drinking, smoking, lack of full physical activity, unbalanced diet),
  • lack of vitamins and minerals
  • menopause approach,
  • stresses and experiences.

Changing hormones and after childbirth. If, before the birth of the baby, the woman always had nipples before the menstrual period, and after the restoration of stable menstruation this syndrome is not observed, we are talking about the postpartum hormonal change. In order for the female body to work in the same way as before the birth, it must take at least 2-3 years.

How dangerous are nipple pains

Since pain syndrome is a sign of a hormonal disorder in the female body, the likelihood of the development of functional disorders in the urogenital and reproductive sphere, inflammatory, infectious or oncological pathologies is not excluded. The sooner the cause of discomfort in the mammary glands is determined, the higher the chances of overcoming a serious illness, if any. Fearing or postponing a visit to the doctor is not necessary. Timely diagnosis increases the chances of the patient, even with breast cancer. Only at an early stage can serious and even irreversible complications be prevented.

Nipple discharge

Earlier it was noted that with pain in the nipples in women may appear discharge. Depending on their color and consistency, make an assumption about the cause of the symptom. Most often, the fluid from the nipples in non-pregnant women is excreted due to the high levels of estrogen and prolactin, which, as already mentioned, prepare a woman for labor and influence the appearance of fluid in the milk ducts.

In addition to premenstrual syndrome, excessive exertion, irritability, and stressful situations can cause the discharge from the chest. If the discharge is constantly observed, accompanied by painful sensations in the glands and nipples, it is important to visit the breast specialist in the near future.

The way to eliminate pain

If nipple pains are part of the premenstrual syndrome symptom complex, they do not need treatment. Unpleasant sensations in the chest due to the physiological characteristics of the female body and normally pass without any kind of intervention.

To combat severe chest discomfort, you can use the following recommendations:

  • Take a bath. Heat has a beneficial effect on the state of the glandular tissue, especially if you add a few drops of essential oil, herbal tea or sea salt to the water. Warming in warm water is not allowed in the presence of inflammation in the chest or in the presence of an unexplained diagnosis.
  • Healthy lifestyle. To PMS delivered less problems, including not accompanied by severe pain in the mammary glands, it is important to eat right, give up bad habits, enough to relax, take sedatives in stressful situations, drink magnesium-containing vitamin-mineral complexes.
  • Do not allow hypothermia. In the cold season, you need to dress according to the weather, as freezing causes chest pains, colds, inflammations.

If the cause of pain in the nipples lies in the influence of external factors, the woman should be more careful in the choice of underwear.

When buying a bra, you should pay attention to the quality of fabrics - it is desirable to abandon synthetics in favor of natural materials (cotton, flax). Caution should also be exercised in the selection of detergents, laundry detergents, fabric rinse after washing. Medicinal preparations in the form of creams and lotions for breasts and nipples can be used only on the recommendation of a specialist.

If the nipples hurt very much, you do not need to endure the pain. Today, there is a wide range of painkillers that will help move the ICP (Tamipul, Nurofen, Spazmalgon, No-Shpa, Analgin). It is important to note that it is only necessary to take painkillers and antispasmodics if it is not possible to reduce pain by other means.

About the features of the skin nipples

The skin of the nipples is very tender, riddled with a huge number of nerve endings. Any friction and external influences can damage it, so most often pain in the nipples is associated with external stimuli. It can be:

  • neglect of personal hygiene,
  • wrong underwear that can compress or rub in the chest area,
  • allergic reactions to laundry detergents (powder, fabric softener), as well as personal care products (soap, shower gel, moisturizers),
  • tanning in a tanning bed without proper protection,
  • too hard washcloth for the shower.

Why do nipples hurt before menstruation

The physiological causes of pain in the chest and nipples is the menstrual cycle. Changes in the breast associated with estrogen ("female hormone"), the amount of which by the middle of the cycle and during ovulation increases by 2-3 times.

By the 14th – 16th day of the menstrual cycle, the estrogen-producing egg cell is maturing and preparing for release. This hormone prepares the female breast for lactation, which is why it swells, grows in size and starts to hurt. Nipples can change their color, become darker and also start to hurt.

The amount of estrogen decreases only with the onset of menstruation, since fertilization does not occur. Therefore, women note that with the onset of menstruation, chest pains abruptly stop, and the swelling subsides by 1-2 days of menstruation.

There are situations when the sensitivity of the nipples and breasts is noted after menstruation, at the beginning of the cycle, and such pains are not related to the production of estrogen. Then you should think about the presence of any pathology. The most common causes of pain include:

  1. Hormonal disorders, when estrogen production does not begin by the middle of the cycle, but can occur independently of the maturation of the egg. Then the breast can be swollen and sensitive throughout the cycle.
  2. Irregular sex life, in which sex hormones are produced, but do not find a "way out", thus accumulating in the body and causing hormonal disturbances.
  3. Endocrine diseases in which the ratio of hormones produced by the thyroid gland is disturbed.
  4. Fibrocystic mastopathy - benign breast lumps that can occur during lactation or independently of it. There may be fever and severe pain in the breasts and nipples.
  5. Infection and the development of inflammation in the soft tissues of the breast.
  6. Injuries, various strokes.
  7. Ovarian dysfunction, including polycystic.

Ways to solve the problem

If the nipples hurt before the menstrual period and this is connected with the premenstrual syndrome, the following methods will help alleviate the discomfort:

  1. Try to avoid stress, as any tension exacerbates the manifestation of PMS.
  2. Observe the regime of work and rest, try to get enough sleep.
  3. During this period, it is necessary to eliminate physical exertion or reduce them to a minimum, choose more gentle exercises, give preference to ordinary walks in the fresh air.
  4. Dieting will help to reduce pain. It is necessary to exclude foods and drinks that excite the nervous system. These are coffee, strong tea, alcohol, chocolate, spicy and fatty dishes. Preference should be given to vegetable salads, fruits, cereals, light soups and lean meat / fish.
  5. Do not allow external irritants on the chest: do not wear tight underwear, as well as supercool or warm the chest.
  6. Drugs can also reduce pain: they can be non-steroidal anti-inflammatory or hormonal drugs, as well as special vitamin complexes containing high-dose vitamins of groups B, C, E, as well as magnesium.

Nipple pain in most cases is caused by natural physiological processes, premenstrual syndrome and hormone production, as well as external stimuli. These causes do not represent health concerns and do not require medical treatment.

Causes of pain

Estrogen produced by the body increases in the blood with the onset of menstruation. The breast becomes dense, slightly swells, the nipples react to every touch. There are several reasons for pain in the nipples: depending on the stage of the menstrual cycle, discomfort can be caused by various factors.

Sore nipples two weeks before menstruation

Characteristic pain may occur as early as 2 weeks before the expected menstruation. This not only hurts the nipple, but the whole breast. It swells and becomes more solid.A woman experiences discomfort at the time of touch, as well as after removing the bra. The causes of this symptom can be:

  • hormonal disorders,
  • fibrocystic mastopathy.

To fix the problem, you must visit a gynecologist and a breast specialist. Sign up for an appointment with these doctors need on 5-7 day of the menstrual cycle. The gynecologist will carry out an examination, hold an oral consultation, and still send to a mammologist. This doctor will do an ultrasound: if it shows the presence of small cysts, further treatment will be prescribed.

Sore nipples a week before menstruation

Approximately 10 days before the onset of menstruation, women may become sensitive. During this period, the hormones prolactin and estrogen affect the mammary glands. Under the influence of estrogen adipose tissue increases, which can give pain in the nipples.

Under the influence of prolactin, sensitive nipples are observed a week before menstruation. This is due to the fact that prolactin acts on the glandular epithelium, causing pain. The overgrown epithelium holds more water in the canals, so it may seem that the chest is swollen, full and heavy. In addition, blood vessels increase, causing pain. Such phenomena are considered normal in isolated cases. When they are repeated often, it is worth to consult a doctor.

Why nipples hurt during menstruation

Sore nipples during menstruation are often not considered pathological. This is an individual characteristic of the flow of menstruation in a girl. But in case of strong and often repeated pain, it is not worth delaying: this phenomenon can cause pathology. There are several more prerequisites for the appearance of this symptom:

  • lack of proper breast hygiene,
  • taking antibacterial drugs
  • wearing poor-quality underwear.

This will be a signal of allergies and a hint of stopping the medication. Poor quality underwear provokes cracks in the nipples, so it is better to give preference to proven manufacturers. Also do not forget about the daily hygiene of the mammary glands.

Why nipples hurt after menstruation

If the nipples are scratched before menstruation, then this is not a pathology. Another thing - the manifestation of pain in the nipples after menstruation. The causes of this phenomenon are:

  1. Rare intercourse. If a woman rarely has sex, the hormone estrogen accumulates in the body and is retained in the mammary glands, affecting adipose tissue. At the same time, both nipples begin to hurt during the period after menstruation.
  2. Hormonal disruptions. Any change in health is fraught with a hormonal failure, which must be constantly monitored, especially in adulthood.
  3. Endocrine disorders. Some thyroid pathologies provoke increased hormone production.

If these symptoms are repeated several times, it is recommended to seek advice. The doctor will prescribe a hormone test, after which he will recommend drugs to eliminate discomfort.

Why nipples hurt in the middle of the cycle

A variant of the norm is also considered nipple pain in the middle of the cycle. There is a sensitivity of the papillae in women before menstruation on average 2.5 weeks. This feature is not considered a pathology, as it signals ovulation. What happens in the body:

  1. The release of the egg.
  2. Increased blood flow to the mammary glands.
  3. Chest tightness and discomfort in the nipples.
  4. Painful reactions to touch.

These symptoms occur at the end of the second week of the menstrual cycle, if its duration is not more than 28 days. A small hormonal surge will not bring negative consequences.

Delayed menstruation and nipples hurt

Often, women complain of such symptoms: no periods, the test is negative and nipples hurt. This indicates a slight change in the state of the body. The reasons for this phenomenon are:

  • climate change,
  • recently experienced stress or strong experience
  • there are various chronic diseases,
  • a woman recently underwent surgery
  • hormonal drugs are being taken,
  • there is a dramatic weight loss.

Due to such reasons, pain in the nipples may be delayed. In this case, the delay lasts no more than 2 weeks, and the monthly still come. If the monthly does not come, it is worth visiting a gynecologist to diagnose a possible pregnancy.

How to eliminate pain

When the cause of the discomfort is clarified, you can begin to alleviate the painful condition. If there are serious pathologies, the doctor prescribes appropriate medications, it is useful to hold additional events:

  • buy a comfortable bra without seams,
  • swelling under the nipple before menstruation will help to remove the attachment of a warm heating pad to your chest at bedtime,
  • bath with aromatic oils
  • normalization of diet,
  • pills No-shpa, Ibuprofen will help reduce pain.

Wash your nipples with soap is not worth it - it will make them dry and will contribute to cracks.

Possible pathologies

Most of the above reasons are not pathologies, but when nipples before menstruation every time hurt badly, such pathologies can become prerequisites:

  1. Disruption of hormonal levels - any changes in the amount of hormones lead to irregularities in the menstrual cycle.
  2. Malfunctions of the nervous and endocrine systems: intercostal neuralgia and adrenal dysfunction are the most serious problems with this symptom.
  3. Acceptance of hormonal pills. If the prescribed contraceptives are not suitable, it is recommended to stop taking them and replace medicines with other ones prescribed by the doctor.
  4. Stress. Nervous disorders are directly related to hormones.
  5. Bruises. Even a small injury of the breast has negative consequences.

A serious pathology that causes pain in the nipples before menstruation is a mammary gland tumor. She is accompanied by certain symptoms in which it is necessary to urgently sign up for a consultation with a doctor.

When to visit a doctor

A few additional symptoms that indicate that there is a serious problem in the body:

  • discharge from the nipple,
  • change its color and shape
  • discomfort and pain in the armpit,
  • detected seals at the time of self-diagnosis,
  • pain is observed only in one of the mammary glands.

These signs may indicate the presence of a tumor, so an immediate appeal to the doctor that will help to gain time.

More information about pain in the mammary glands can be found in the video:


Preventive measures to eliminate nipple pain before menstruation include such measures:

  • careful breast hygiene,
  • avoiding breast stimulation
  • correct selection of underwear
  • lack of stress and normalization of nutrition.

Women who complain that their nipples swell before menstruation are encouraged to stay active and more likely to be in nature.


If the nipples hurt before the menstrual period, it is recommended to pay attention to the associated symptoms. Discharge, intolerable pain, areola deformity, redness and swelling can be harbingers of serious diseases. Timely consultation with a specialist will help prevent negative consequences.

General information

Before considering the causes of pain in the nipples, it is necessary to obtain information about how the menstrual cycle proceeds and what lies at the heart of it. The reproductive function of the female body is ensured by the close relationship between neurohumoral processes and structural changes in the internal genital organs. It is known that the central division of regulation is the hypothalamus and pituitary. They produce releasing factors and tropic hormones, respectively, which act on the ovaries, and they, in turn, stimulate changes in the uterus.

The first phase of the cycle begins with the end of menstruation. Follicles mature in the ovaries, and the uterus, under the influence of gradually increasing estrogen concentration, restores its mucous membrane (endometrial proliferation). On days 10–14, ovulation is observed, that is, the release of an egg from a ruptured dominant follicle. In its place, the corpus luteum is formed, which produces progesterone. Under his influence, the endometrium swells and the number of glandular structures grows in preparation for possible implantation of the ovum (secretion phase). If the pregnancy does not occur, then the functional layer is rejected again with the advent of regular menstruation.

The mammary glands also experience the effects of hormonal changes. They consist of lobules formed by the alveoli and the efferent ducts. Estrogens increase the number of the latter and are responsible for the hypertrophy of the stromal elements of the gland. At the end of the second phase of the menstrual cycle, progesterone acquires the greatest value. It stimulates the growth of alveoli and the development of lobules, as well as increases the number of tissue receptors.

To get a full answer to the question of why the nipples hurt before menstruation, you will have to consult a doctor. After all, only an expert on the strength to understand the features of the menstrual cycle in a particular woman. First of all, it should be understood whether this is not a sign of physiological processes, because even ordinary hormonal stimulation leads to a similar phenomenon. Especially if a woman has increased the number or sensitivity of progesterone receptors in the breast. That is, individual features of the body play a role here.

It also happens that a woman is waiting for menstruation, but still does not know that she has already become pregnant. Then the pain in the nipples can talk about the transition of the body to a new state, since the concentration of progesterone begins to grow rapidly. This also should not inspire fear, because it has absolutely no negative consequences. However, there are other situations where pain should be given increased attention. As a rule, we are talking about these states:

  • Premenstrual syndrome.
  • Ovarian dysfunction.
  • Mastopathy.
  • Mastitis.
  • Tumors.

The cause of the pain may be hidden in taking medications that alter hormonal levels (oral contraceptives, antidepressants, etc.). It is also necessary to take into account other factors that may disturb the natural balance in the regulation of the menstrual cycle. These include:

  • Physical fatigue.
  • Emotional stress.
  • Irrational food.
  • Bad habits.

In one way or another, they contribute to changes in hormonal levels, which means that they completely allow pain in the nipples. It is possible that a woman has several probable causes at once, but which of them has become decisive - there is still to be found out. Therefore, each case requires individual consideration.

Causes of pain in the nipples lie in the plane of physiological or pathological conditions. The latter are mainly determined by hormonal disorders.

To understand why nipples can hurt, you first need to create a holistic view of the problem. Physician examination and physical examination (examination, palpation) help the doctor in this. It takes into account what complaints a woman makes, they are analyzed and subjected to detail. Establish the characteristics of pain:

  • View: aching, pulling, bursting, shooting, etc.
  • Intensity: weak, moderate, strong.
  • Frequency: periodic or almost constant.
  • Distribution: local or extending to other zones.
  • Duration: short or long.
  • Communication with touch, sexual arousal, other factors, or lack thereof.

Many women are not at all able to accurately describe the symptom, but speak only about the indefinite discomfort or engorgement of the nipples. This is combined with increased sensitivity and discomfort when wearing underwear. On examination, the doctor determines the condition of the mammary gland, areola and nipples, figuring out whether there are any extraneous signs: discoloration of the skin, rash, puffiness, deformities. Other symptoms, both local and general, are taken into account.

Premenstrual syndrome

If nipples hurt before menstruation, you should think about the probability of premenstrual syndrome. Almost 75% of women suffer from this disorder. This is a complex set of psychosomatic, vegetative-vascular and emotional disorders accompanying the second phase of the cycle. They are manifested by the following symptoms:

  • Irritability and anxiety.
  • Mood swings.
  • Sleep disorders.
  • Headaches.
  • Puffiness.
  • Numbness of hands.
  • Breast engorgement.
  • Nausea
  • Constipation or diarrhea.

They are observed in various combinations, having an intensity from mild to severe. The latter form of premenstrual syndrome is accompanied by a significant decrease in working ability.

As a rule, everything goes away with the onset of menstruation, however, there are decompensated pathology variants, when symptoms persist throughout the entire cycle.

Ovarian dysfunction

Disorders of the hypothalamic-pituitary system with changes in the secretion of follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormone underlie the disruption of ovarian function. But the cause is often the pathological processes in the ovaries themselves, for example, a tumor or inflammatory process. In addition to discomfort in the breast, organ dysfunction is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Irregular menstruation.
  • Pulling pains in lower abdomen.
  • Uterine bleeding.
  • Amenorrhea (absence of menstruation).
  • Miscarriage.
  • Infertility

This is a serious reason to visit a doctor and undergo a full examination. In addition, functional disorders further increase the risk of endometriosis, ovarian cysts, mastopathy, and even breast cancer.

Ovarian dysfunction can be an obstacle to conceiving a child and lead to other undesirable consequences.


Nipples before menstruation may get sick because of mastopathy. The basis of the disease is a change in the ratio between the glandular and connective tissue (stromal) elements in the female breast, occurring against the background of hormonal and vascular disorders. As a rule, such signs appear:

  • The seal in the gland is mobile, not soldered to the skin (fibrous knot).
  • Dull and nagging chest pains in the second half of the cycle.
  • Enlarged gland in volume (engorgement).
  • Transparent discharge from the nipples (sometimes).

The appearance of any seal in the gland, as well as the pathological discharge from the nipples, should be a signal for the mammologist to examine. And mastopathy requires thorough differential diagnosis with cancer.

Chest pain is accompanied and mastitis. Any part of the mammary gland can be involved in the inflammatory process, which is facilitated by the penetration of microorganisms and the stagnation of milk (lactostasis). Signs of pathology are not specific: redness, swelling and pain in the gland, discharge from the nipples (often of a purulent character). The chest hurts during palpation, it is tense, the local temperature of the skin is increased, the regional lymph nodes are increased. With purulent inflammation, the general condition worsens: fever, weakness and malaise, and headaches.

The greatest danger among the tumor processes is breast cancer. In the early stages, it is invisible, because it proceeds without clinical manifestations. But over time, characteristic signs appear:

  • Tight knot, soldered to the surrounding tissues.
  • Suction nipple.
  • Shrunken skin ("lemon peel") or an ulcer.
  • Discharge from the nipple (bloody, turbid, purulent).
  • Breast deformity.
  • Enlarged lymph nodes (axillary, supraclavicular).

All the cunning of cancer is that it does not hurt for a long time. This occurs only with the spread of the process, damage to the nerve endings, the addition of inflammation. If tumor metastasis occurs, then there are general signs: weakness, loss of appetite, low-grade fever, etc.

An important aspect of the prevention of cancer process in the mammary gland are considered regular checkups at the doctor and breast self-examination.

Additional diagnostics

It is possible to identify the cause of pain in the chest, including the nipple area, only with complex diagnostics. Along with the clinical and gynecological examination, the woman will have to undergo additional studies (laboratory and instrumental). These include:

  • General blood and urine tests.
  • Blood biochemistry (hormones, tumor markers, inflammation indicators).
  • Analysis of nipple secretions (microscopy, culture, oncocytology).
  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organs and mammary glands.
  • CT scan.
  • Biopsy of tumor formation.
  • Histological examination of the material.

Having obtained the results of the research, it is possible to find out what nature the process has in the gland, how it is caused and whether there are any related problems. Maybe there is nothing to worry about, as the physiological origin of the pain is confirmed. But one way or another, only a doctor will find out all this. A woman needs only time to contact him.

During pregnancy

It is worth thinking about a possible pregnancy, if the papilla begins to prick, and there is a delay in the calendar. These factors are the main signs of pregnancy.

Before the appearance of the child after 40 weeks, the body needs to be well prepared for the lactation period. The mammary glands begin to swell. The breasts increase in size, and the nipples become darker in color.Chest pain is often observed in women during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

All these effects are also manifested due to pregnancy. The main hormone is prolactin. It takes a leading role in the process of lactation. Under its influence, fabrics quickly grow in size.

The fibers are strained. Nipples become very sensitive, painful. The chest is heavy and itchy. The pain can be both intense and weak. A small touch may already cause discomfort.

Caught in such a situation, well, spend time and do not self-medicate. Buy pregnancy tests. If in doubt, donate blood for hCG.

Causes of pain if you are healthy

Can nipples hurt in health or is it always a sign of illness? In fact, there are physiological reasons explaining discomfort - hormones. All because of the increase in estrogen in the blood in the second half of the monthly cycle. They cause fluid retention in the body, because of their fault, the mammary glands swell and the sensitivity of the SAH area (nipple-areola complex) increases.

By approximately the 15th day of the cycle, an egg cell matures in your body, the production of estrogen reaches its peak. The body is preparing for a possible conception, during this period the nipples can:

And even a light touch becomes unpleasant. After the onset of monthly bleeding, the discomfort is reduced and edema goes away at the end of the first day. Not all women with SAH are so responsive to estrogen, but this is a variant of the norm.

Pain and severe swelling and discoloration of the nipples before the expected date of menstruation can be a sign of successful conception! For example, if you went into the bathroom and suddenly felt how the nipples were poured and sore very much, after 20 minutes the discomfort was gone, buy a pregnancy test!

Causes of pain if you are sick

Do your nipples ache and itch on the threshold of menstruation, do you feel a burning sensation and the area around the areola is slightly hyperemic (reddened)? Uh-oh, it looks like you have candidiasis of the areolar zone or simply a thrush. Fungi "love" hormones and actively multiply with an increase in their content in the blood. Therefore, the symptoms are aggravated before menstruation.

The same signs can disturb a woman in violation of the rules of personal hygiene. Elementary contamination of the soft skin SAH sometimes becomes the cause of the itching and even pain. But we think that this topic should not be developed, you are an adult woman and you follow the cleanliness of the bust, right?

But the penetration into the SAC area of ​​bacteria is not always associated with neglect of washing. The inflammatory process can cause acute, jerking pain and intense burning around the nipple. When hormones are riotous, pathogenic microflora is rampant. Therefore, before menstruation breasts can hurt very much!

Special attention requires a situation in which the process is not limited to discomfort. If you have:

  • changed the color of the nipples,
  • appeared detachable,
  • skin has become thin and flaky,
  • chest deformed
  • the skin looked like an orange peel,
  • ulcers appeared.

This is a reason to run to the mammologist. Such signs speak of cancer. The pain in this case appears in the later stages, when the process is difficult to stop and you need to hurry. Swelling, bloody discharge from the papilla, and pain can be a sign of an intraductal papilloma. Hyperemia of glandular tissues, swelling, acute pain and fever speaks of mastitis.

Similar signs, accompanied by the irradiation of pain in the arm from the side of the lesion, severe swelling of the breast can signal mastopathy. Pain in the area of ​​SAH may also speak about galactocele (formation of a fatty cyst). The same manifestations plus hematoma is a sign of a chest injury.

Pathologies that are not related to the bust can also cause pain:

  • female genital diseases (for example, polycystic ovary),
  • disruption of the thyroid gland,
  • irregular sex life
  • frequent abortions.

All this is stressful for the body, which causes nipple hypersensitivity.

This concludes the review of the topic. We hope that you clearly explained the causes of discomfort in the areola zone and you will become our regular reader. Invite and friends to this page using the "Share" button.

Can nipples hurt before menstruation: general information

Consider the question of whether the nipples can hurt before menstruation from the physiology. 90% of women report swelling and increased breast sensitivity on the eve of critical days.

The increase in the volume of the mammary glands is associated with the preparation of the body for pregnancy and breastfeeding. But on the 10th - 12th day of the cycle, there is an increased release of estrogen, which is why the breast becomes denser. The state of mild swelling occurs due to the fact that enlarged adipose tissue constricts the vessels. Among other signs of PMS, pain in the nipples prevails in some women, which occurs about 2 weeks before menstruation.

How long the discomfort worries depends on the activity of the uterus. The contractile function of the reproductive organ causes rejection of the endometrium, which becomes unnecessary due to the absence of pregnancy, and a decrease in breast sensitivity. If with the appearance of menstruation and after their termination the pain persists, it is necessary to contact a mammologist or gynecologist.

Ignore the steady discomfort is impossible, because the nipple soreness is one of the symptoms of mastodynia. Breast disease develops due to hormonal disorders and malignant changes in breast tissue.

Mastodynia proceeds in several forms:

  • Cyclic, with the release of hormones throughout the MC.
  • Non-cyclic, not dependent on hormonal fluctuations.
  • Physiological, associated with the natural processes of the female body (puberty of the girl, pregnancy, extinction of reproductive functions in the climax).
  • Pathological, provoked by diseases of the genital organs, the thyroid gland, general inflammatory processes (any ailments that affect the state of the mammary glands).

The borderline states that entail mastodynia are not associated with physiological and pathological factors. They develop against the background of hereditary predisposition and the use of oral contraceptives, drugs that stimulate ovulation, and other means.

The characteristic pain in the nipples

If the nipples are constantly hurt before menstruation and the woman intends to consult a doctor, she should analyze the general condition and the nature of the discomfort.

Many patients can not accurately describe the symptom and complain of strange sensations in the chest and engorgement of the nipples. The discomfort is aggravated by contact with underwear. Some relief comes after removing the bra.

Based on the patient's complaints, examination and palpation, the criteria for pain are determined:

  1. For the duration - short, long.
  2. By type - pulling, aching, bursting, etc.
  3. By distribution - localized or transmitted to other sites.
  4. By intensity - moderate, weak, strong.
  5. By frequency - constant or periodic.

Finding out why sensitive nipples become before menstruation, it is important to establish the connection of discomfort with external factors. It is possible that the reaction of the mammary glands in the run-up to bleeding increases due to touch, sexual arousal, and contact with water when performing hygienic procedures.

On examination of the breast, the doctor assesses the state of the breast, paying attention to the skin color, the presence of rash and deformation of the nipple. Also taken into account the probability of occurrence of premenstrual syndrome. A week before the onset of menstruation, 75% of women experience not only pain in the nipples, but also the following unpleasant symptoms:

  • Insomnia.
  • Bad mood.
  • Edema of the limbs.
  • Irritability.
  • Problems with defecation.
  • Nausea.
  • Headaches.
  • Unreasonable anxiety.
  • Breast engorgement as during pregnancy.

In a healthy woman, all signs of PMS disappear on their own when menstrual bleeding occurs. But sometimes a decompensated version of the pathology is diagnosed, in which uncomfortable sensations accompany the patient throughout the cycle.

Nipple pain before menstruation: safe causes

If nipples periodically itch and tenderness arises in the chest, sensations may be associated with mechanical action. For example, a poor-quality or improperly selected bra squeezes the mammary glands and irritates the tender areola area and nipples. Discomfort can provoke too intense massage of the breast or rubbing with a hard bath towel.

The mammary glands can react with pain to the care products. If soap and gel dry the skin, microcracks appear on the surface of the breast and nipple. Soreness is felt at the moment of touching the chest or when moving.

If a woman uses a new body care product or a drug with an adverse allergic effect, the sensitivity of the nipples may increase both before menstruation and on other days of the cycle.

When changing climatic conditions, for example, if there was a move from a cold region to a hot country, an imbalance occurs in the hormonal system. The woman is worried about severe PMS symptoms, including nipple pain.

Harmful habits, overwork, poor nutrition, conflicts, experiences, sharp fluctuations in body weight affect the overall condition of the body and reproductive function. Those women who are under stress or passionate about body shape, often face painful periods.

Ovarian dysfunction

Proper ovarian function depends on the state of the hypothalamic-pituitary system and the levels of two hormones - follicle-stimulating and luteinizing.

Often the cause of the violations are inflammatory or oncological processes that take place inside the ovaries. Pathology leads to the fact that the nipples hurt before menstruation, bleeding loses regularity or stops completely, pulling pain occurs in the lower abdomen.

Ovarian dysfunctions are dangerous with infertility and miscarriage. They increase the risk of endometriosis, mastopathy, polycystic disease, breast cancer.

Mastitis is an inflammatory process that affects different parts of the breast and causes soreness.

Pathology contributes to the penetration of microorganisms in the affected area and the development of purulent inflammation, which is accompanied by weakness, headache, fever.

Signs of mastitis are not specific, so it is important to differentiate the disease from similar conditions. Symptoms requiring immediate treatment to the doctor:

  1. Tension and soreness.
  2. Puffiness and redness.
  3. Discharge from the nipples.
  4. Increased regional lymph nodes.
  5. Skin temperature is elevated (breast tissue is warmer than other parts of the body).

Oncological processes in the early stages are asymptomatic.

After some time, the nipples are drawn in or itchy, the breasts deform, and a tight knot is felt inside. The skin of the mammary glands looks ulcerated or shrunken. Purulent or bloody discharge from the nipple. During metastasis, the tumor overcomes weakness, appetite worsens, and body temperature is maintained at subfebrile elevations.

Physiological features as a cause of pain

It is believed that nine out of ten women at least once had nipples for natural reasons before menstruation. The reason for such painful sensations lies in the plane of female physiology. Changes in the concentration of estrogen and progesterone hormones before menstruation leads to the proliferation of the glandular tissue of the mammary glands. This is another process, the same as building up the endometrium, which is required to prepare the female body for pregnancy.

How much sensitive nipples will be before menstruation depends on a woman’s lifestyle, her health, age and other factors. The same reason may cause a slight tingling in some, severe pain in others at the slightest touch, and still others will not even notice anything. This is not about the disease, but about different reactions to the same natural situation.

If the reason lies in a change in the hormonal background, then the nipple soreness should completely disappear after the end of menstruation.

Due to the same hormonal changes, breast swelling occurs. This leads to the creation of additional pressure on the neurovascular fibers. As a result, the sensitivity of the nipples increases, and they become even more painful.

If pregnancy does not occur, then the glandular tissue atrophies, and the volume of the breast is reduced back. The body understands that lactation and feeding of the child will not, and therefore, the preparation must be canceled. Nipples before menstruation can hurt regularly, but they can also once a year. Often, the gynecologist records such feelings to the manifestations of PMS.

The pain is so strong and unpleasant that there may be an opinion about the presence of the disease. However, intense pain can also be a variant of the norm.

When to think about the disease

Answering the question why the nipples hurt before menstruation, the possibility of pathology cannot be ignored. Statistics say that such a probability is small, but it obviously cannot be excluded.

It is worth thinking about the possibility of having a disease in the following situations:

  • nipples continue to hurt after the end of menstruation,
  • along with painful sensations, other disturbing symptoms appear (nausea, headache, fever, increased sensitivity of other organs, etc.),
  • pain is strange (too intense, paroxysmal, gives to other parts of the body),
  • the appearance of pain does not bind to the phase of the female cycle. Normally, if nipples hurt a week before menstruation. In general, even two weeks before menstruation, nipples can hurt. Such pain should occur at about the same time. If the discomfort manifests itself in different phases of the cycle, then it is worth thinking about a possible pathology.

The manifestation of any of the above situations is a reason to think about a possible pathology. However, it is still too early to run to the doctor, because certain diseases can be eliminated by the symptoms. Also, do not forget about other reasons that may cause soreness of the nipple before the critical days.

Possible pathological causes

As soon as the girl thinks about the possibility of the presence of the disease, mastopathy comes first. She is most afraid of, as soon as pain in the chest appears. Although the tumor and benign, but it gives a lot of problems.

It is extremely difficult to diagnose mastopathy for aching nipples, because this disease is characterized by pain that is interconnected with the female cycle. The sensitivity of the nipples before menstruation increases due to the fact that the adipose tissue is replaced by connective tissue, and the diameter of the blood vessels becomes small. All these processes in the chest lead to the appearance of edema (swelling lasts longer than usual).

Discharge from the nipple to menstruation is one of the signs of mastopathy. Such a situation requires an appeal to a doctor who will already eliminate or confirm a terrible conjecture.

Inflammatory processes in the nipples can also cause pain. Do not forget about oncology and problems with the endocrine system. These pathologies can manifest in a similar manner, albeit rarely. The problem may occur due to polycystic ovary. Most female genital diseases can lead to an increase in nipple sensitivity.

Often it does not work out to determine the disease on its own, which leads to pain in the nipples before menstruation. Therefore, do not read the tea leaves. If there is a suspicion of a disease, then it is necessary to go to a gynecologist.

Other non-disease related causes.

Can nipples hurt before menstruation, not because of the pathology and not because of natural changes in the body? Of course they can.

  1. Pain can be caused by hormonal contraceptives or fertility medications. These drugs cause hormonal imbalance, and with it increases the sensitivity of the nipples.
  2. The ovaries began to work incorrectly (the reason for the failure in their work does not matter). Restoration of normal ovarian function leads to the disappearance of pain.
  3. Rare and irregular sex life lead to the accumulation of hormones in the blood of women. Their excess is fraught with consequences.
  4. A small level of progesterone, no matter for what reason.
  5. Pain in the nipples before menstruation may occur due to external stimuli (active tan, stiff towel, narrow bra, etc.).
  6. Intimate hygiene errors. There may be a negative reaction to the intimate gel or other means of hygiene.

How can you help yourself

If the pain is tolerable, but delivers some discomfort, then there are a few recommendations on how to help yourself. All of them work regardless of whether the nipples hurt 10 days before menstruation or the day. However, you need to take into account the individual characteristics of each organism. If the pain in the nipples is so strong that you want to take painkillers, then you need to go to the doctor.

Note the following recommendations:

  • do not use drugs that the doctor has not prescribed,
  • avoid stressful situations
  • give up alcohol and tobacco,
  • minimize contact with the nipples of any items
  • do not overcool
  • take a relaxing bath
  • discard caffeine and spicy foods.

Выполнение этих простых советов облегчит состояние не только перед началом месячных, но и до их окончания. Сразу стоит отметить, что это не самолечение, а лишь создание благоприятных условий для своего тела. When the nipples swell before menstruation and cause significant discomfort, many begin to try traditional medicine methods, self-healing. It is not necessary to do this, because in most cases the problem is not connected with the disease, and if it is, then it should be determined by a qualified specialist.

If painful sensations appear from cycle to cycle, becoming stronger or more intense, then there is nothing better than consulting a gynecologist.

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Cycle and breast condition

As an egg forms in the ovary, the hormonal system of the woman begins to rebuild: more female hormones are produced, in particular, estrogens. They are necessary to prepare the whole body for the upcoming childbearing.

First of all, the uterus is prepared: the endometrium gradually grows to ensure reliable attachment of the fertilized egg. If fertilization does not happen as a result, the mucous membrane departs for “uselessness”, and menstrual bleeding begins.

This preparation affects not only the uterus, but also the mammary glands. Even before the onset of pregnancy, the female body begins to change, so that in the future breastfeeding is as effective as possible.

Estrogens affect the tissues of the mammary glands, namely the fat. Under the influence of hormones, it begins to grow, leading not only to an increase in breast size, but also to painful sensations. Becoming more voluminous, adipose tissue constricts blood vessels - hence the state of mild swelling. At the same time, nipples become more sensitive. Usually these phenomena are observed when up to 10 months, plus or minus 3-4 days.

With the onset of menstruation, many women feel chest discomfort, nagging pain in the lower abdomen, general malaise. Closer to its end, all unpleasant symptoms disappear, and the chest regains its former shape and condition. Sensations in the nipple area also normalize. In other words, sore nipples and mammary glands before menstruation are one of the signs of premenstrual syndrome, which is not a pathology and does not lead to the development of any diseases.

Reason to be alarmed

More seriously it is necessary to treat the situation when the pain in the nipples and the phase of the menstrual cycle are not related to each other. Such a symptom can be a manifestation of various diseases and disorders. Pain in the nipples after menstruation may be triggered by features of a woman’s lifestyle or more serious disorders:

  • Irregular sex life. With prolonged abstinence in the female body may be the accumulation of hormones, which ultimately leads to hormonal disruption and the development of inflammatory processes.
  • Endocrine disorders. And again, hormones are to blame, the imbalance of which affects the state of the breast as a whole and the sensitivity of the nipples.
  • Ovarian dysfunction. It leads to a failure in the production of hormones.
  • Inflammatory and infectious diseases of the genital organs.
  • The presence of diseases of the breast, for example, mastopathy, fibroids or cancer.

Normally, painful sensations that occur before menstruation disappear after their completion. Faced with sore nipples after menstruation, you must consult with your doctor and be examined for any violations. If the detected problem is related to hormonal disorders, the gynecologist-endocrinologist will deal with the treatment. Depending on the individual characteristics of the woman’s body, certain hormonal preparations will be prescribed.

More difficult is the situation when the cause of pain lies in the presence of chest diseases. To diagnose them, you will need to pass tests, undergo ultrasound and, possibly, mammography.

Treatment of diseases of the breast will also be associated with hormonal drugs, but perhaps a slightly different spectrum. After completing the course and eliminating the disease, the normal sensitivity and condition of the breast is restored, discomfort in the nipples disappears.

Relieve pain

If, after being examined by a gynecologist and a breast specialist, it was found that nipple soreness is one of the manifestations of PMS, the woman may slightly ease the discomfort. Possible medication:

They need to be taken one-time, not on an ongoing basis, and only if the pain delivers real inconvenience.

Help to alleviate the symptoms of PMS can also:

  • A warm (not hot!) Bath with sea salt or essential oils. This procedure has a relaxing effect on the whole body, calms. It is especially effective to take a bath at night, if after it immediately go to bed.
  • If a long water treatment is not to your liking, you can limit yourself to a warm shower. It creates a massage effect, accelerates blood flow, including in the chest.
  • Benefit from various herbal teas. A decoction of chamomile, lemon balm, thyme not only alleviate pain, but also has a calming effect on the nervous system.
  • Having traced at what point before the menstruation the soreness of the nipples arises, the woman can prepare in advance for the pain to be weakened once again. To achieve this, you should try to avoid stress and stress, not to neglect sleep, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • It is important to protect the mammary glands from hypothermia. In general, any physical stimuli become doubly potent during this period.
  • Refusal of bad habits will gradually reduce the level of nipple and chest pain before menstruation. The pain is a consequence of the instability of the hormonal background, and smoking and alcohol adversely affect his condition.

Main reasons

There are a number of reasons why nipples hurt before menstruation. The main ones are:

  1. increased estrogen production before critical days,
  2. the development of certain breast diseases (mastopathy, inflammation of the chest, etc.),
  3. disorders in the endocrine or other body systems.

Estrogen, especially rapidly produced during ovulation, has a strong effect on the body as a whole, as well as on the chest. Many women notice changes with their breasts in some moments and days of menstruation. It can become very elastic, increase in size, possibly changing the color of the nipples. This is the result of an increase in the production of a female hormone, which peaks about two weeks before the start of menstruation, and one of the possible explanations for the reason why the nipple hurts. The hormone is designed to prepare the breast for childbirth, lactation. At the heart of the female breasts is adipose tissue, which serves as a storage for nutrients during feeding.

The increase in estrogen causes the stimulation of the growth of adipose tissue, to swelling, enlarged glands, nipple soreness occurs. The intensity of the manifestation of such a process is interdependent on the age of the woman, physiological features, state of health, lifestyle.

Sometimes there is no obvious relationship between menstruation and discomfort in the nipples, which may be a sign of the presence or development of a specific breast disorder. Most often, this mastopathy is a benign breast disease, in which there is an overgrowth of its tissues, pain, and sometimes fluid is secreted from the nipples.

With mastopathy, nipple soreness is often interrelated with the menstrual cycle, with the processes of replacement of adipose tissue with connective tissue, while simultaneously increasing the number of blood vessels in the chest and reducing the clearance between them. But with mastopathy, the swelling of the glands appears longer than with the usual swelling associated with ovulation, the pain syndrome (mastodynia) is brighter. When discharge from the nipples before the menstruation period (in particular, with blood), urgent consultation with a mammologist is required.

Other factors that cause a feeling of pain in the nipples and chest are usually associated with inflammatory processes, abnormalities in the endocrine, reproductive system, cancer. In any situation, you should not postpone the visit to the doctor.

What reason can still cause nipple pain? The answer to this question is closely related to the sensitivity of the female breast, whose skin is very delicate, contains many nerve endings, plexuses and can individually react to any external stimuli, especially before the start of critical days when the sensitivity of the glands increases even more.

Such irritants include individual reactions to:

  • lack of personal hygiene,
  • bra action (too narrow, synthetic, etc.), coarse fiber towels,
  • exposure to sunlight, changing climatic conditions
  • drastic weight loss or weight gain
  • stressful situations
  • the use of medicines (np, hormonal drugs),
  • use of cosmetic products (creams, other body skin care products) or household chemicals (washing powders, bleaches).

In such situations, the solution of the problem may consist in the elimination of the above factors (70% of all cases) or in an additional visit to a dermatologist who can recommend special moisturizers (ointments, creams).